Another set of Milestones - TRUST !

Last Update: October 29, 2018

I figured I would share some success with you fine folks at Wealthy Affiliate!

I checked my Amazon account Saturday night and there was $122.67 ready to be paid ! That is all off my hunting site, and I am happy with that one ! The website has started to get more and more traction every month and while it's not exactly retirement funds, it is starting to grow! I'm more than happy with these results, because I can see growth every month and that excites me !

The one I am most excited about is the second site where I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate!

5 People trusted me?

I have just gotten to 5 premium sign ups at Wealthy Affiliate and that is really cool!

I don't mean to sound like I am trying to run for political office by saying this, but the most exciting part is that people believed what I was telling them and when they checked it out, decided to make a move!

Don't get me wrong at all, the money is exciting too, but the biggest excitement is that people are trying to make a change in their lives and they allowed me to show them how! That amazes me!

I started a hunting website and was in no way interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate to be completely honest! But people kept asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it. At the same time I was learning and using what I was learning and I could see the growth and potential in this!

I really believe in this training and community !

I have stated where I came from in my blog posts before and saw a way that I could promote something I actually believe in and help people at the same time so I started the next website!

I hope everyone who signs up at Wealthy Affiliate sees the massive potential here !

It doesn't matter if you signed up from my website or someone else's, the truth is the truth! You can succeed with this training recipe!

Ask for help!

If you are a free or premium member just ask questions, follow the training and put in every ounce of effort you have available ! You can succeed, and there are a lot of people here who want to help you succeed!

If I can help, just let me know! One thing I can promise as an expert is that I will not lie to you, and I've never had any reason to think anyone else at Wealthy Affiliate will lie to you! It's people helping people!

Have a great day, and the best of success to you!


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Blessedalso2 Premium

When I grow up I am going to be just like you!

I'm inspired, motivated and encouraged by your success!

I am taking notes in my front row seat!

All the best,

Wdcope Premium
Great view and post smile. Congrat’s
lesabre Premium
That is great Mike
FKelso Premium
Yep, trust is a biggie, and very important. I can understand why you opened a WA site, too, because it is true that when you talk to your friends about what you are doing, some of them are very interested. Might as well take advantage of that, right?
Cass51 Premium
Hi Mike that is so exciting! Trust is such an important component of busines. Well done you!. Cass