April Monthly Report- 60 Referrals, 13 Premium

Last Update: May 02, 2020

Let's get straight to the stats then (just for you Derek!)... there's been a 2,733% increase in traffic from Google in 6 months!

Things are still progressing nicely and it's intersting to see where this website can get to. You hear it all the time... the Make Money Online niche is SUPER competitive. It's not easy to do well in this niche at all


1. It really is clear how writing certain reviews seem to convert more than others. It just makes sense...

  • If you write a review on a high paying similar affiliate marketing course and then offer WA as an alternative more people may convert.
  • If you write a review on a free survey site, the person reading it probably has no money and is looking for a quick way to make a quick buck... WA is not right for them

2. Track things!!

It's so easy to track how many words you wrote in an article when you are hitting publish. It's much harder to go back through 15 articles to find the word count.

These kinds of numbers help to hold you accountable and see the progress you are making.

I just use a simple Google sheets with the things I want to track and it helps with keyword research and planning content etc.

3. Anyone can hire someone. It's really not as hard as it sounds and once you actually get your head around sites like onlinejobs.ph you realise the potential there. You can hire someone to do small tasks for you or to work full time.

How was your April? Is there anything else you'd like to know?

P.S. my other website has started getting some decent traffic from Pinterest. I have only written 20 articles on starting it in Oct '19. I have done nothing to it (literally) since January and this has happened...

If you are struggling along in the MMO niche, consider starting another one... MMO is really tough (but clearly can work) and I don't think enough people talk about that here! I especially think MMO is tough for newbies as they have no income proof or proof that things work to build trust with the readers #justmyopinion

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FKelso Premium Plus
Well, you are doing well. I am not getting any referrals, and am not sure why. So, I just keep building. Eventually I'll figure out what the problem is. Both my sites are active; one has 102 posts and the other has 186. Any ideas what I might do to start getting more traffic?
mikebeatty Premium
Send me your websites Fran I'll take a look
FKelso Premium Plus
Oh, thanks, Mike. I'll PM you
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Congrats Mike for your achievements. Glad to hear confirmation about the challenge of the MMO approach. Your advice to have a second non-MMO website when you're in early days makes sense. I only have 65 posts on my MMO site. My goal is to get that up to 100 and then start another on a physical product oriented niche.
mikebeatty Premium
Yeah I really think unless you know this is something you’re set on it’s very hard to get any traction there. Most people just won’t understand the keyword research enough and it’s heavily reviews that bring the traffic. I feel like people need to learn to love to write first and reviews are a sure way to turn people off writing!
DerekMarshal Premium
hahaha!!! Cheeky boy! You know I am such a stato!

If it is important to you, Word Count plugin (free) will tell you how many words you wrote and when.

Before your eyes pop out...with Thrive it counts twice so you need to half the numbers something to do with one editor working on top of the other and the plugin counting the content twice.

Those are really tremendous figures Mike, it is so funny as you get a serious spike in traffic I do too.

But not as much as you have.

Again you are an outstanding example of the importance of getting good conversion rate and teh difference that really makes.

Traffic: 13,990 (790.52% Increase on 6 months ago).
Starter Referrals: 73
Upgrades: 4!. - need to pull my socks up here should be 2x that at least!.

That is pretty wild traffic from Pinterest, kudos!.

Did you manage to find away of tracking specific articles and their traffic using GA?
mikebeatty Premium
Haha thought you’d like it!

I haven’t figured out the GA yet. My to do list seems to be growing each month rather than the other way around atm!!

Plus there’s 12 weeks until baby arrives so I’m feeling the time pressure building 🤣

DerekMarshal Premium
Ohhh A little girl,. Hmmmm statistically speaking you'll have time around 2038ish...

lol. Spot the stato! https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/derekmarshal/blog/report-the-difference-a-year-makes-and-why-you-must-keep-going\

Like it!. I loved it. About fell out my chair laughing! Brilliant!,

(Crazy fact- I even work out traffic on a number of posts published basis and keywords ranked for basis...).
mikebeatty Premium

Oh to be inside Derek's brain for a day ;)
TDenise Premium
Your post was amazing. I’ve been playing around a lot with Pinterest. I know most people who have amazing results on Pinterest on the topic of blogging aren’t exclusive to that topic. They might have home decor, health, or personal finance tips, and they include blogging in addition to that. As a result, they’re attracting many more people, and a percentage of them convert.

I’ve been testing to see if I need to add another niche to my site in order to get good results and I’ve tested with subniches people on pinterest would like but that won’t be completely off topic either.

I think that’s the way to go. Unfortunately posts that do well on Pinterest don’t always do well in Google. Have you noticed that? Either way, Pinterest can drive massive amounts of traffic so I think it’s still a good idea to write content for Pinterest even if it doesn’t work as well on Google.

I think if you want to do well on social media, you have to make the transition at some point from SEO content to a mix of social media content and SEO content.

What do you think?
mikebeatty Premium
Yeah sort of agree. I do think it helps to create content specifically aimed for Pinterest but obvs you can SEO it too.

Big lists and how to’s dominate Pinterest but they are also great on SEO for most niches... reviews suck on Pinterest before anyone gets any ideas!!

If you have a good review then you can use the Pinterest keywords “work form home” or “make money” to help in the niche though but it’s still nowhere near as good as other niches.

For sure though creating content a bit off your main niche would prob help. Anastasia blogger does this quite well (basically a lifestyle niche about everything to get on mediavine... but monetises mainly through her Pinterest SEO stuff)
TDenise Premium
Yes, I've watched Anastasia Blogger, and I notice she's not niche specific at all. Making Sense of Sense or Just a Girl and her Blog and others create mostly awareness phase content, and attract boat loads of content that way too.

Anastasia drives more than 300,000 pageviews/mo from Pinterest, but she writes in all of Pinterest's main topics in audience insights. She does recipes, blogging, and lots of other topics on that blog.

Its the awareness phase content that does well on social.

I don't want How to Entrepreneur to turn out completely off topic, but I know I can do more relevant content that would work well on Pinterest. Pinterest traffic is worthwhile so I'll be writing more Pinterest content going forward. I think it's a platform that plays more off of what I'm already good at than even Youtube does.

I agree reviews do bad. I have some reviews that did well, but I used Pinterest-style education based keywords to get those results; not review keywords.