5 Mind-blowing Tips for What to Write on a Website [& Keyword Research Hacks]

Last Update: January 20, 2020

Are you struggling to decide what to write about?

Or maybe you're not sure where to even begin with your website?

After you finish reading this article you'll be equipped to have content to write about for the rest of your life! Even if you know what you want to write you may find the tools and tips later useful.

So let's dive in...

1. Niche selection

So many people get worried at this stage especially when it's your first website.

The truth is, for your first go it doesn't matter as much as you think it will. If you look at this as more of a learning experience your first website doesn't need to "knock it out of the park" and you can always "pivot" as you go.

Saying that, there are a couple of common mistakes people make (myself included here) when thinking about a niche for the first time:

1. Going to broad (i.e. health)

2. Going too narrow (i.e. B12 supplements for male vegans)

Ideally you want a middle gound i.e. Nutrition for vegans.

There is only so much you can write about B12 on one website but there is endless content around nutrition for vegans.

Choosing a domain name that has the potential to expand is absolutely fine i.e. thenutritionist. com as eventually you may want to expand into other topics like nutrition for runners or children etc.

But if you know you only want to focus on one thing then a domain name like vegannutrition. com would be ideal.

2. WHO are you writing for

This is again another mistake I made when I started.

I was very vague and had no clear "ideal reader" in mind.

If you are writing content for "anyone that wants to be healthy" you are writing for EVERYONE in the world. That really means you are writing for NOBODY.

If you are writing for people that are new to the vegan diet who want to make sure they are getting the right nutrition, then it helps you decide what to write and EXACTLY how you can help them.

If you're still struggling... a great tip here is to think about yourself.

What do you want to learn more about? What are you interested in? Who are you?

(i.e. are you a Mom looking to feed her family healthy dinners or are you a student looking to build muscle or are you an accountant that could help people do their tax returns each year?)

3. What problems are you solving?

If you're still struggling with point 2 think about this question.

There is no point in writing stuff online just beacuse you want to write "2 blog posts a week". The interenet doesn't care about what you had for lunch or where you went on holiday last year.

People used to get a bit of a following this way and famous people may be able to get away with that, but for us mere mortals, NOBODY CARES!

Think about what problems you could solve.

You don't neccessarily need to have the answers right now, you can rersearch them as you go!

i.e. What nutrients do vegans lack? What foods have B12 in them? 21 day vegan meal plan etc.

4. Focus on ONE thing (or maybe two at a push)

Here's the secret to creating a passive income...


OK, maybe it's not a secret.

But Google wants you to EAT

  • Expertise
  • Authoritative
  • Trust

The way you show Google that you EAT is by focusing on one thing and writing about it over and over again (I mean 50 posts+).

So if you do want to have a website on nutrition that's fine. But to start with focus on one topic.

For example, nutrition for:

  • Vegans
  • Keto diet
  • Children
  • Infants
  • Runners
  • Triathletes
  • Bodybuilders
  • Pregnant women (this links nicely to children)
  • Weight loss
  • Diabtetes (note health conditions will be harder to rank for unless you have proof of a medical background... and rightly so!)
  • Heart Disease

Personally I find it really helpful to "map" out my website as this can provide a longer term vision (apologies for the child like hand writing!)

Even though this may be the long term plan I would only focus on one topic to start i.e. Vegan.

Once your website starts getting ranked on first page of Google for certain keywords then you know you have become "an authority" in that topic (in Google's eyes).

Now, I can almost hear your mind thinking...

What do I actually write though?

5. Search and re-apply

This next one is a biggie!

Notice I did not say "copy" here.

No, no, no... "re-apply" means find what works for someone else... then make it better and put your own spin on it.

Here's what to do in 4 steps...

1. Get Moz

moz. com is a FREE tool you can use to see what the "domain authority" and "page authority" are for other websites.

It's not 100% accurate but it gives you a great idea of how much "authority" Google gives a certain website (remember EAT... expertise, authority, trust is what you want to show Google)

Simply type in moz.com and get a free account.

2. Search a keyterm on Google

Let's stick with the vegan nutrition example...

By looking for a typical keyterm that someone may type into Google for your niche you will see a whole range of websites that are ranking for keywords that you may eventually want to rank for.

This keyword has some BIG websites ranking so the aim is to find the smaller websites that have similar content to what you want to do (moz will help you here).

i.e. healthline. com is too broad but veganfoodandliving. com is much more specific.

So remember the domain name "veganfoodandliving. com"...

3. Use Ubersuggest to "search... then re-apply"

Now you can use another FREE website called ubersuggest. com to have a nosey around what this website does.

Simply type in ubersuggest.com and search for the domain name you're interested in...

It's important to be aware this isn't 100% accurate either but it's great for a FREE tool...

This gives you loads of info about the website but all you care about right now is what CONTENT this website is writing (and ranking in Google for)

Eventually it will be your job to "re-apply" this content...

Remember- I did not say copy!

You "re-apply" as in change and make it better and put your own spin on it!

4. Use Jaaxy to do your own keyword rersearch

So now you have some ideas of what to write on your website.

Now you can do your own keyword research to find even better "low hanging fruit".

Remember the ideal keyword:

  1. It must make sense
  2. Have over 100 Avg searches a month
  3. Have less that 100 QSR (competing websites targetting it)

Now here's one more sneaky tip to help you find these low hanging fruit quicker...

ubersuggest will show you the "search difficulty" for certain keywords (but remember it's not totally accurate)

Use this as a guide to find easier to rank for keywords like this...

1. Click keywords on the side

2. Find the lower SD scores

Then type it into Jaaxy for your own research... and you can find alternative keywords that are better (more searches and less competition)...

ACTION- Plan at least 10 posts

OK so there is a LOT to take in from this article.

First of all I want to remind you to not stress about picking the absolute BEST niche available right now.

Just make sure your website is solving a problem and ideally suited for a certain person.

Try to answer this...

I help BLANK to do BLANK

i.e. I help people new to the vegan diet get the right nutrtion information to stay healthy

Once you're set on your topic to write about, now it's time to actually plan at least 10 articles using the keyword research above.

The most successful people take MASSIVE ACTION, so don't put this stage off and just think... ah I'll just write a couple of articles then I'll plan some more.

It's far easier to batch this type of work as you will need to remind yourself of the process each time and this wastes time.

Make today's priority to PLAN 10 keywords to write about!

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. Drop a comment below to let me know if this helped. Could you even share what your problem is that you are solving... i.e. I help BLANK to do BLANK

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heidiph1 Premium
This is a great post! Thank you for sharing all of these resources and ideas. I am almost 4 months in but I still feel like a newbie. I found ubersuggest a few weeks ago, but after reading this I haven't been taking advantage of extra ideas it could provide!

mikebeatty Premium
Hey Heidi, check out the comment above... new info for Ubersuggest
heidiph1 Premium
Hi Mike!
Thank you for pointing that out! I did see that they had started charging. I'm hoping to still take advantage of the free parts.
We'll definitely use what we can!

mikebeatty Premium
Yeah it's still useful for an insight at least. I wondered when they would do that to be honest!
heidiph1 Premium
Its true! They are a business and need to make money too!
DerekMarshal Premium
Great stuff Mike!!

Not quite using the Moz Bar to it's full effect, since you have it installed. There is so much info that they give you right out the box!.

When doing your keyword research look at the DA and PA of the sites that are on Page 1. If there are 3 sites of DA 30 or less, and and PA of 30 or less and has less than 30 links.

And since you are there on P1 checking out your competition, have a look for weak headlines and week URLS (i.e missing the keyword phrase).

Finally, go through the sites and look for how many are affiliate sites.

You are looking at least 3 of each (30 or less DA/PA/Links + 3 weak headlines, 3 week URLS, 3 affiliate sites ranked).

You can of course extend that to include meta description..

If your keyword meet those requirements, you bet your top dollar it is a very rankable keyword.

Side Note: If you already have a strong DA of 30+, you are looking for at least 3 sites within 10 DA points of you.

To answer your question "I help blank to do blank"

I help Kyle to pay his mortgage!. :-P haha!.
mikebeatty Premium
This is epic Derek!

That's pretty much a whole blog post in itself thanks so much for adding that. Sounds to me like you've been FIMPED

I'm sure Kyle is very grateful to have you ;)
brichnow21 Premium
Great tips, Mike!
Flow chart you say...Left brain dominance!
I get caught up after the first "if, then.."
And just go with the flow! LOL
Programming was difficult, but now, I find it better to work it backwards.
What is the result I want, and backwards steps to what I need to get there.
A plan is paramount, no matter how you do it!
It sets the sails for the journey!
Ideas...always I can get an idea from a song!! My site has no real boundaries!
Vast audience...after all is "for Everyone" !
Good information! Thank you!
mikebeatty Premium
Thanks Barb! Wow yeah, you really are left-brain dominant!

It's great to have that go with the flow outlook, especially when you're starting as it's so hard to pin point down exactly what you should be doing.
gnoose Premium
This post did help me, thank you. You've given me food for thought, so much so that I'll need a bigger plate. It's always good to see another person's take on things and be able to blend what I've read with what I've learned, and use this knowledge to better refine my processes.

mikebeatty Premium
Glad to hear it Greg! Yeah I know what you mean about seeing other people's process for sure
BruceStephen Premium
Thanks Mike for this most useful article. I intend to use a number of your suggestions. I certainly liked the one where you can determine what is working well on other sites.

I have always wondered why some sites do a lot better than others. I now hope to get some answers through moz.com.

Regards Bruce
BruceStephen Premium
Wow! I see moz charges quite a hefty monthly fee for continued membership.
Regards Bruce
mikebeatty Premium
Hey Bruce, I only use the free version of Moz to see other sites domain authority. It helps to know what websites you are competing with (there's no point in targetting a keyword if all the sites on page one have a DA score of 50+)

Did you try ubersuggest to see what articles are ranking for them?
BruceStephen Premium
Hi Mike I have not tried ubersuggest yet.

One question. Are you saying that there is a monthly fee for Moz for help with your own site and it is free when using it for other sites?

Regards Bruce
mikebeatty Premium
Moz has loads of different features to be honest I don't know them all. I just know it's a great way to see what the domain authority is for the websites on page one of Google for any keyword you want to rank for.

I'll write a seperate article on Moz soon as I'm getting a few questions about this