How to Afford Your WA Membership Right Away (And is It Worth It?)

Last Update: June 15, 2020

If you are reading this, you have probably now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a little while and have checked out the training and seen the potential it has to teach you how to make a living online.

But making money online is not a get-rich-quick thing and to really get the best possible chances of success you are likely considering a premium membership

However, you might not have a lot of extra money to invest in a premium membership even though you really want to learn to make money online.

The thing is - there are actually ways you can quite easily get enough to cover your WA premium membership until you earn enough to cover it with your online income.

Many people are not aware of this and let's this stop them from going for their dream of building an online income and achieve financial freedom because they cannot afford to go premium.

I personally think this is a big shame as I myself have been able to create a full-time income online thanks to WA and know the freedom this can give.

So in this article, I will show you 4 REALISTIC ways to find money to cover your WA membership right away so you do not let this stop you.

But before getting to the 4 methods, I also just quickly want to go over if it is even worth investing in going premium.

Is it worth upgrading to premium?

When I first joined WA, I honestly was not sure if it would be worth upgrading to premium. And for many of us it can seem like a lot of money - even with the first month only costing $19.

The best way to find out if it is worth upgrading to premium is to actually go through the free lessons you have access to here at WA. That will give you a good idea of the quality you get.

But based on my experience, I also just want to add some extra things to consider.

If you are serious about wanting to get financial freedom through an online income, then it will take effort and it will honestly also take at least a small investment no matter where and how you want to create an online income.

That is just how it is no matter what kind of business you want to start - the advantage is that online it can be done very cheaply.

When it comes to WA, the investment will potentially ONLY be $1.35 per day if you go yearly. If you want to pay monthly, it will still only be around $1.60 per day.

This will give you access to step-by-step training, 24/7 support, direct access to the owners and thousand of other successful members, hosting, keyword tool, weekly live webinars, and much more - basically EVERYTHING you need to create a successful online income.

I have tried quite a lot of things online, and in comparison I can, for example, mention a program I bought at some point for $350. It sounded good but ended up being only around 2.5 hours of superficial training, no support, and you had to invest in several other tools on top of that - It was money wasted.

So I can surely say that if you are serious about wanting to build an online business, then Wealthy Affiliate gives the best value for money you can find online.

Many places they charge more just for the hosting of your websites than WA charges for everything - and there are no hidden costs or upsells on WA which is one of the things I loved when I first joined - you know exactly what the price for will be and the price includes everything.

Anyway, what you really need to find is just $0.98 per day to pay for everything you need to potentially be able to completely change your life if you are willing to make the effort it takes.

4 ways to cover your WA membership right away

I know that even though we are talking about less than $1 per day, it can be a lot for some to take out of their budget depending on your background, the country you live in, etc.

But it honestly it quite easy to find this extra money no matter where you live if you just know where to look.

Therefore, I have made a list of 4 ways where you can find money to pay for your WA membership right away.

Please be aware that this is not meant as suggestions to make a full-time income. It is simply suggestions for how you can easily find the money to go premium even if you do not have the money to invest.

Option 1 - Save $1 per day

This is honestly one of the easiest ways to find the money to go premium - but how easy it is depends on the country you live in and your personal budget.

In some countries it might not be so easy to spend $1 less per day. But in some countries this just means 1 less cup of coffee per day, skip a few beers in the weekend, skip going out for dinner once in a while, etc.

We so often end up spending a lot of money on for example going out. Nothing wrong with that but it becomes a problem if it stops you from going for your dreams about financial freedom.

Just think about - having only 1 beer instead of 5 in the weekend or skipping the Starbucks coffee just once in a while will give you the possibility to start your own business and online income.

It really is a matter of prioritizing.

However, I am also aware, as already mentioned, that is some countries this might not be so easy.

So let's move on to an option that is possible for more or less all.

Option 2 - Do online micro tasks

There are actually plenty of get-paid-to sites and survey sites online where you can make a bit of extra money.

Often people do not like these because it is not a lot you can earn and because you cannot make a living from them.

But what we are talking about here is to just simply find $1 extra per day - and this is definitely possible on these sites. And you can start earning right away.

Yes, it will take time away from building your online business, but the point here is to do it for a period to make that extra dollar per day.

Once you then make money on your website, you can just focus on that. But this makes it possible for everyone to cover the fee for a WA membership right away.

And this really is the easiest way to make the money right away if you do not have the option to spend less on other things.

Option 3 - Get freelance jobs

There are many places online where you can offer your services as a freelancer. On a platform like Fiverr you can offer more or less any service.

As you start to learn on WA, you will also learn some very useful skills you can use to get higher paying freelance jobs if you want to. This can actually end up being a whole full-time job in itself.

I have, for example, been able to get some great gigs teaching WordPress and SEO thanks to the skills I have learned here and also sometimes do work for clients.

I actually still do this because it can give some nice extra money and it can be fun and enjoyable.

This is also to illustrate that you are learning really valuable skills here that many people and companies are willing to pay you good money for.

You can use these skills to take your income and life in the direction you want to.

Option 4 - Leave comments on WA

It is actually also possible to start earning here inside WA right away once you are a premium member to help you cover for the cost of your membership.

If you follow the training, you will learn there is a comment platform here where you can earn credits for leaving comments on other websites.

By just doing this, you will be able to earn to cover some or all of your membership.

However, make sure to follow the training so you will learn how to do this properly as you will only be able to earn credits if you leave high-quality comments - but all this is explained in the training.

One of the long-term members here has created a great training about how exactly this works. You can find that here:

There are NO excuses!

If you have followed the free training here at WA and seen what it offers, you will have seen a glimpse of what you can get.

The premium membership gives you a value for money that is unheard-of in the Internet marketing space.

But when we first start out, I think most of us have a hard time investing anything at all.

That is why I, in this article, have shown you 4 ways where you can easily make enough extra to pay for your WA membership - if you are serious about wanting to create an online income I highly recommend upgrading.

I have never regretted it myself and it has made it possible for me to now make a living online and the sky really is the limit online.

So now it is up to you - if you really want to go premium but do not have the money, then there definitely are ways as I have shown you above. There really are no excuses!

Hope this article has helped you find a way to move forward with creating your own online income no matter what you choose.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

I would also love to hear how you managed to pay for your WA membership until you made enough money online, if you are already a premium member.

All the best,

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Foxhenley Premium
Great Ideas and Interesting Read! Well-Written!
MikaelM Premium Plus
Thanks Janice
Foxhenley Premium
But what can you do if you have the money, little time, and only Mastercard Debit Cards?
MikaelM Premium Plus
I know you can pay with different credit cards as well. Not sure about debit. I would try to use it as a payment source or you can write support about it to ask to find out.

About the time then most of us do not have much when we first start. So it is a matter of trying to prioritize. For some, that means working on their business instead of watching TV, going out a little less, or in general trying to just put in the hours you can whenever you can.

The time is a challenge for many but it is necessary to prioritize the time. Unless you have a lot of money and want to outsource everything.

The important thing is to just put in time consistently - also if it is only an hour here and there. But the more time you put in, the faster the results will come.
Tirolith Premium
Everything is affordable. It is all up to priority. The necessities of life take priority. House, transport, work, food, income, etc.
This day and age we have a glut of things handy to own.
Much of which is not necessary to the quality of life.
Which way to go is your choice and only Your Choice.
MikaelM Premium Plus
well said Tom
AlanJE Premium Plus
Good suggestions, thanks Mikael, Alan.
MikaelM Premium Plus
You are welcome Alan
sdawson Premium
Mikael, I totally agree with you about ways to earn enough to pay your WA fees. And yes, GOING annual for your paid membership is the way to go. Also, look for the Black Friday special in November to save even more.
MikaelM Premium Plus
Yes, the BF deal is definitely a great option when we get to November.
SStubbins1 Premium
Your blog was very educational. specific in detail of how to earn extra money. I appreciated you giving a site where we could free lance. This was very enjoyable reading.
MikaelM Premium Plus
Thank you Sharon. Glad to hear you liked it