More Tools To Check Your Progress And Optimize

Last Update: May 25, 2014

Many people stuck to this phrase, 'What we think is right and what we do is correct'. They just don't want to see any other options as it will hurt their ego. Many people suffer through this and I host myself as a victim of this phrase. Three years back, whatever I do on my site, I just felt it's the best. I close my eyes to the other side of optimization. This is a big mistake when building site as Google rankings get affected by it.

-Slower Sites which can't load fastly are pushed back by Google, especially the new sites which we are building here.

-Alt Text in images are used by Google to optimize the image search which will optimize your site in Google Search too.

-Use less effects on your theme as more javascript and css will again allow the things to load slow.

There are tools for this purpose where we can check our site for optimizations. One such tool is where it will show as how the various stuff of website is loading. Another tool is Alexa, where one can check their traffic rank worldwide. Third tool is Copyscape to check whether or not your content is getting copied by other guys. The last tool which I tend to use is Woorank which tells many aspects and attributes of our website which we can optimize and make our website more Google Friendly.

Do check these tools and see how you can optimize your website to make it more Google Friendly. I've been using the tools for my previous websites and now for FriedCoffee. These tools really help a lot if used with good mind.

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Maxiam59 Premium
it will sure help thank you all the best
beachygirl53 Premium
Great blog! I will definitely check out the suggested tools. Building websites is a work in progress. I now also have a fan book page on Facebook: Feel free to visit, "like" and follow me on google+ Best wishes on your continued success.
jimmurdoch Premium
Nice tools. Woorank is very useful. Thanks Mick.
UncleBud Premium
Thanks. I'll check these out.