Finally, the first sale from Amazon!

Last Update: July 20, 2014

It makes me really happy to tell that I've made my first Amazon sale. It's kinda a positive vibe of things coming true as per the expectations. It has proved that the system I've created is working. There were about 24 clicks from my site and one of them was converted so it means about 4% conversion rate. It was tough to choose the niche as coffee as I didn't knew much about it but sooner or latter, I discovered many aspects of it and created my space on web as Now I am posting about 3-4 articles in a week and the rankings are increasing day by day.

Friedcoffee Homepage

I had also created a Google Plus page for website, it's not a personal page rather it is a community where I am now having over 350 active users. It gains me activity and traffic to the site. The plus page is

If you are reading this page, please share your journey here and we might learn something new from each other.

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UncleBud Premium
Good for you.
Congratulations.Hard work pays off¡
tomtitty006 Premium
Congratulations to you Amit.
TammiR Premium
Congratulations and I Love your site!