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It makes me really happy to tell that I've made my first Amazon sale. It's kinda a positive vibe of things coming true as per the expectations. It has proved that the system I've created is working. There were about 24 clicks from my site and one of them was converted so it means about 4% conversion rate. It was tough to choose the niche as coffee as I didn't knew much about it but sooner or latter, I discovered many aspects of it and created my space on web as Now I am pos
So guys, we've got a google plus account and have shared our beautiful content there. Why not have a Google Plus page for our site where we can only post about our site and the relevant topic. If we will post continuously about our site on our personal Google profile page, it might look like some mess, so keeping the things separate might help. So, create a google plus page and share your link here!!! And Don't forget to follow only when you really like the topic of the page. We are here not to
The keyword tool at WA is not working for me. Whenever I try to search, it just hangs with a blue bar searching but doesn't comes out with anything after that. Is it happening with you also?
Many people stuck to this phrase, 'What we think is right and what we do is correct'. They just don't want to see any other options as it will hurt their ego. Many people suffer through this and I host myself as a victim of this phrase. Three years back, whatever I do on my site, I just felt it's the best. I close my eyes to the other side of optimization. This is a big mistake when building site as Google rankings get affected by it. -Slower Sites which can't load fastly are pushed back by Goo