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Last Update: June 18, 2018

So i've been going through the training here at WA slowly but surely. The past few weeks have involved me setting up and learning more about all the Social Media platforms.

Personally up until now I have only really used Facebook. But since starting to build out my sites and with trying to establish a brand I have given socail media a much closer look.

I am now using and active on:

  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

Now I know there are more than those named above but these are the ones I have chosen to concentrate on at the moment.


My why is because I now realise that almost everyone I know uses at least one social platform on a daily basis.

Ask yourself, how many do you use and how much time do you spend on them daily?

If you've been honest your answer will have been more than you first thought. With so many people being active on such sites it seems a sure fire way to start building your brand and getting noticed. Add some friends and family get them to share some posts and before you know it people that you have never met are reading your stuff. If you are lucky they will not only be doing this but clicking into your posts which will result on them landing at your website.

If you have more people landing on your website and maybe sharing other posts that they find interesting, your audience will start to grow and as it does, so will your authority and your chances of monitizing your sites also increase.

My social sites and sharing are starting to increase my website visitors and it's a BUZZ when I log into back office and check out the stats. So get social, get sharing and get ahead with your business.

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CandiGirl71 Premium
Very good. Point made. Like you, I used to only use FB and I spent way too much time on it. Now I limit my time. I, too, have opened the new social media accounts as I have followed the course work. I don't understand the relevance of them all yet, but the are open and I participate on them. I will learn as I go, as will you :)

MichelleMor1 Premium
Yes, more training needs to be undertaken on my behalf regarding a few social media platforms, but all in good time. The one I am most unsure of is Instagram. Where do I have the most followers in the shortest space of time? Yip, that would be Instagram, lol. Better get my skates on with training then.

CandiGirl71 Premium
I know what you mean. LOL! Good luck!
SachiKashi Premium
Thanks for sharing your tips!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Michelle!!!

Tried and True

HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for sharing Michelle, it is really an important part of what we do here at Wealthy Affiliate and more and more members are adding training on how to set up each social media.
MKearns Premium
One of the more potentially lucrative areas!