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Hey WA Friends I'm in need of some help. I currently still use the classic editor for my blog posts but have started to have some major issues with it.I do use the classic editor plugin but I am having trouble inserting links, photos and changing fonts.I tend to do most of my writing on word then copy and paste into classic editor before adding pics, links, changing headings and sub-headings. this allows me to start blogging on my phone or tablet when out and about and then finish and edit the
August 12, 2019
Hey Everyone, not written on here in a long time as I have been trying to work more on one of my websites on a regular basis the past several months and seeing good results too.Recently I was approached about placing sponsored posts on my siteand was wondering do any of you allow sponsored posts on your sites and how do you think they do?It all feels a little strange that people are willing to pay to to put thier work on my site.Would love to hear everyones thoughts and experiences on this.Many
So i've been going through the training here at WA slowly but surely. The past few weeks have involved me setting up and learning more about all the Social Media platforms.Personally up until now I have only really used Facebook. But since starting to build out my sites and with trying to establish a brand I have given socail media a much closer look.I am now using and active on: FacebookGoogle +InstagramTwitterPinterest Now I know there are more than those named above but these are the ones
March 18, 2018
So after a really off day on Friday where I was really frustrated and felt as if I had done a lot of work during the week but got nowhere! I am now back on track, yay!Last week I spent time writing a few posts for my site and published them, set up a page on FB linked to my website, posted a bit there and got a really cheeky message from someone. They asked for some help and when I gave advice they just started getting cheeky and arrogant - ended up blocking them. Then I broke my computer cha
February 14, 2018
Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog!I have been here at WA for about a month now and still getting used to everything and working away on an almost daily basis after finishing at my full time job.At the moment i'm trying to divide my time between training/learning and actions. So for now I am spending roughly an hour or two each day learning. This is in many forms, reading blogs and training posts on WA, working through my WA certification course, reading emails and watching tutorials.My
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