Back On Track

Last Update: March 18, 2018

So after a really off day on Friday where I was really frustrated and felt as if I had done a lot of work during the week but got nowhere! I am now back on track, yay!

Last week I spent time writing a few posts for my site and published them, set up a page on FB linked to my website, posted a bit there and got a really cheeky message from someone. They asked for some help and when I gave advice they just started getting cheeky and arrogant - ended up blocking them. Then I broke my computer chair on Friday morning. It had been a rough week at my JOB too. I just felt as if I was putting all this effort in and getting nowhere last week.

You ever felt like that?

Well after a night off and a good nights sleep I got up and started my weekend, not with new vigore or more positive but knowing I was going to get past this feeling.

So over the weekend I've completed more training, applied some new learning to my sites, got to grips with sharing on new social media platforms and gained some new followers.

So now I am winding down for the weekend feeling much more positive about everything. I will never give up on my dream of being able to give up my day job for becoming my own boss. I just need to remember to work through the rough times and remember where I want to get too.

So if you have been struggling too just remember your dreams, never let them go and well done for getting to where you are now. If you've made it this far you can go all the way.

We are all successful in our own ways, we are all here and that says a lot in itself.

Onwards and upwards everyone.

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RCollis Premium
Great post Michelle. I see you told it like it was and that’s certainly one very good way of putting it behind you. I trust you are on a much better track now. I like the way you talk from your heart. Keep positive and carry on,your success is just around the corner.
MichelleMor1 Premium
I sure am back on track. I always find it better speaking from the heart and find that the community here really helps.
JerryMcCoy Premium
You had a tough week.You worked through it and are better for it. We all go through those times. Congratulations on what you have accomplished.
MichelleMor1 Premium
Thanks Jerry

this was my first real slump since starting so feels good to have just stood tall and pushed through. It has also helped my confidence a little too. I now feel that I have got what it takes to push through any barriers I come across in the future.

The support on here has also been great.
JerryMcCoy Premium
we are always here for you
jghwebbrand Premium

We all have felt the way you feel during the past week. We all have gone through those hectic periods. After a brief removal from the online business and a new fresh start with a good night's rest, everything can come into focus again. This happened to me. So, don't feel so bad.

I am glad you are going full throttle ahead.

Just remember to keep focused on your goals and objectives. Everything else will fall into place.

Good work in not giving up!

Best wishes,