Sites To Post The Wealthy Affiliate Links on; and how to do it?

Last Update: January 21, 2021

I am just asking here; and I will give some Information too; which Sites are best to Post The Wealthy Affiliate Links on? I am talking about the links; that if someone joins a Member should make money eventually. And I am talking about Websites. Two examples are Linkedin and Facebook. I am asking for Information for Websites or Social Sites that Wealthy Affiliate Links can be posted on?

I will say for myself; and this is only my experience; if you think you will have trouble with this? Don't do it. For instance; on Facebook: Facebook lets me post just about as many links for The Wealthy Affiliate as I like on my Homepage. But, please; be careful; and if you have trouble? Please don't blame me. As I am saying though; Facebook lets me post as many Wealthy Affiliate links as I like on my Homepage on Facebook.

I will say this too; don't bother with AdRoll; I had a bad experience with them. This is true; I signep up for AdRoll; and they blocked my Links. So, if you bother with AdRoll; you are warned in advance.

This is true too; Linkedin used to be okay. But, they got all mean with me. I was posting Wealthy Affiliate links on Linkedin; and then they kept restricting me; they kept blocking me from going on their site.

I just want to add in; what I am stating is my true experience; and if a Person is stating the truth; it is not seen as "Slander" and or "Libel." and the Person stating it cannot be sued; if others want; they can look it up; if they want to?

I tried asking; if Wealthy Affiliate Links would be alright to put up on Linkedin? And what they said; and I specifically sent them Wealthy Affiliate Links. And what they said was: "No Pyramid Schemes or MLM's are allowed on Linkedin.", Linkedin.

So, I shared; and as said; you can try posting on your Facebook homepage and see if you get hits?

Now what I am asking? Can other Members please share Sites that The Wealthy Affiliate Links can be shared on? I am talking about the links; if somebody signs up; a Member who shared the link; will eventually get paid. Can other Members please share links to the sites that they are successful on?

I am just going to say; and I say it again; I might get into trouble for this. But, I will explain; I am just putting this link here; so that there is no confusion. I just want readers to understand what I am saying; and this is the best way to do it; so I am putting a Wealthy Affiliate Link as an example; so that Members understand exactly what I am saying. And I am explaing here; so; please no Complaints; I am putting this link; so Members are not confused about what I am talking about.

The link above is a Wealthy Affiliate Link; so that Members giving examples of Websites to post Wealthy Affiliate Links; so there is no confusion.

I might get into trouble for this? But, I wanted to ask. I am asking for Members who have success with The Wealthy Affiliate links; that a Member who shares will get paid eventually; that other Members please share? Not only that; but also how to post on those sites; in case it is hard?

Thank you:

Michael W.

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wideman Premium
Follow the training ;-)
michaelw777 Premium
You know what; I am putting this on here; first; if others want to? They can search for this. But, I am also putting this on here; so I don't forget the search. So far there has not been a comment on what I was looking for; so I looked myself; if others want to they can search this upcoming search input in Google; and please share the results?

Sites exactly like Facebook that accept ads.

The above is the search; and I did not put it in quotes; so that others would not be confused and search for it in quotes. Hope this helps? And if other Members find a treasure? Please share?
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Just noticed you shared your affiliate link in your blog post. We are not allowed self promotion and that's against WA rules.

Kindly asking you to remove your link - Thank you. (see image)

If you wanting to display an example you need replace your affiliate "aid" with perhaps =123xxxxxx - that would be more appropriate.


Include same (=123xxxxxx ) in an image.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's really depending your traffic and where they are coming from and what they are doing, you would act upon.

Also I wouldn't share raw links vs pretty shortened, as some members accounts had been banned in the past.
michaelw777 Premium
I mentioned this in the article; and if you did not read it? Please read it again. I am saying that; I mentioned The Wealthy Affiliate Link as an example; so that if other Members wanted to share Sites? That other Members would not be confused by the links I was talking about; I made it clear in the article; that I was using that as an example so no one would be confused. If you missed it? Please read my article again? And you will see that I was using The Wealthy Affiliate Link as an example. Just to make sure that no one was confused about the links I was talking about.
michaelw777 Premium
I'm just going to say again; no offense meant; I mentioned this in the article; I only shared a Wealthy Affiliate Link; for this blog; so no Members would be confused about what I am asking.

The above said it; I shared The Wealthy Affiliate Link; and I said this in the blog. I shared it so that there would be no confusion if Members had sites they wanted to suggest other than Facebook and Linkedin.

It says it in the blog; there is a disclaimer; and as I said last time; if you want? Please read the blog again? And see that I explain myself. It is explained in the blog; that I am sharing The Wealthy Affiliate Link; only so there is no confusion and or misunderstanding of what I am asking.

Hope this helps and clears stuff up.
Scorpio5310 Premium
Sorry I have no experience of this.

Kind regards, Wazza
michaelw777 Premium
That's okay; we are all still learning here. But, I am hoping Members who know Websites. That they will mention other sites? I actually, myself and a friend looked into it. Not much results; but I am hoping some Members know other sites.

And as said; I tried AdRoll with not much coming out of it at all. But, thanks anyway.
drjec Premium
Here is the link for putting a link on your website.
drjec Premium
You can place a WA link or banner in any article on your site. Some people put them in the text and other in the sidebar.