How to make a Successful Post or Article for A Member's Website?

Last Update: February 15, 2021

I actually did a blog like this before; and did not get much of a response; so I am doing it again. I want to ask? Can Successful Members who succeed with their posts or articles: Can those Members please give advice on how to make a successful post or article?

Not only that; and I will put a Disclaimer in here; can Members who have made at least $1000.00 off of a Successful Article; can those Members please leave a link to the successful article or post? So, that myself and other Members can look it over and see how to succeed.

I am saying; for posts or articles that go on Member's Websites. Can Successful Members at making posts or articles that are successful; please give advice; and put up links too. To articles or posts that are successful.

I am just going to say here; for complaining Members; if Members choose to share their links to their posts; it is to help other Members having problems creating successful posts. It is not for advertisement goals. It is to help Members who are not sure how to create a successful post. Please note that.

I will say too; for Members who choose to leave a successful post; and please do? If a Member complains when you put a link up. Please just once again explain to that Member what I just explained.

So, please both give advice and put up links? And this is for Members who have made at least $1000.00 off of a post or article on their website. And please do leave links? And if there are any complaints? Please just explain to that Complaining Member; this is to help out other Members. Not to Advertise.

I am just going to ask? If possible please do not put up a video? Just text and links?

Thank you:


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alexps1 Premium
I think that is a great suggestion Michael.
michaelw777 Premium
I am just saying; if Successful Members want to put links to Posts that have made them at least $1000.00 I am hoping they do? And if there are complainers; I hope those successful Members would not mind explaining to Complainers that posting their links is to help other Members.
drjec Premium
The tough thing is that the success of one website is very difficult to recreate because everything involved is a variable. I will send a private message.
CherryRed20 Premium
Thanks for the information, Michael!