Multi-Dimensional Beings

Last Update: October 09, 2015

Meditation helps us remain at a higher awareness but we must exercise and reflect on the things we know. One of the greatest things to keep in mind is that we exist in the likeness of God. Everything of biological structure goes smaller, smaller and smaller. By understanding this, we see that the Body of God is the universe, stars and planets. We see that the Earth is a living organism, which we call Gaia, with all its micro life. We have a micro-universe of organisms living inside of us.

God is multi-dimensional. It is energy that permeates this universe.

The meditation of this system allows us to experience Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. Whenever I tell someone this, they almost always nod their head in understanding. But do they really know? Do you know what that really means?

If we exist in the image of God, we are also multi-dimensional. Where are you right now? We have touched on this idea before. Go ahead and think about it until you can remember or come up with an answer. Perhaps you point to your body, or more specifically you might point to that thing inside your head that is your brain. In truth, we are in 3 places and meditation works on all of them.

This has to become second nature to you. You cannot allow yourself to forget this.

This is knowledge we are not suppose to know. This is what I call high knowledge. High knowledge is knowledge, of which you are not supposed to be aware . You are not suppose to comprehend this. By understanding this, you can now bridge to extreme levels. By not knowing this, you are limited. It is another control of the ego on your mind.

Are you starting to fathom the intensity of this? For me I sit back and consider that I exist in three places at once and that moves me. It is extraordinary! We are multi-dimensional beings.

We exist in 3 places at the same time, all of the time!

The first place in which we exist is the physical dimension. We have a body that collects data, feels and processes. This body exist in this space. Look around, notice objects or a person that might be nearby. You exist in this first place. Now the next dimension is your inner dimension. This dimension is a part of you. We are not fully aware of this dimension but it affects our being and on some level each of us relate to it. This micro-universe inside of you is an inner dimension that you cannot feel or touch but it is there. You are a part of it.

Now where are you right now?

Your body is in the place where you are sitting right now? But, where are you? Point to where you are. Where do you think? Where is your mind?

If I could mark, with a pen, where you feel the source of your consciousness would it be on your scalp? Is the source inside your head, if so where inside? If we opened up your skull, what would we find? Your brain is a machine. It operates on chemicals. It operates on various sequences.

Why is it that you cannot exactly identify where you are?

I would say you are operating not from the first dimension, meaning in this room or place where you are reading this blog. Not the second, meaning the brain and the biological chemicals, but from a third place. A place beyond what our limited physical experience allows us to imagine.

We need to be able to discern who we are.

If you cannot discern who you are then it is very likely you are not the person sitting down reading this blog. You are not supposed to be able to comprehend what I am saying. It is suppose to be very confusing, but if you can grasp enough of my message and be aware of it, you will have received part of your freedom. You will have come to slip past the mind regulating you, because it only controls the part of you that exist in this dimension.

You are a multi-dimensional being who exist in different places at one time.

Remember I said earlier that all of your cells give a consciousness to you. They do not keep this information to themselves. Whatever they experience, you experience. Maybe not completely in the same way, but eventually that the data becomes you. If you burn a part of your body, you feel it so you believe you are burning.

Really, it is the cells that are burning, not you.

The information is going from the affected cells to a higher place. The cells are sharing this information with you. The cell understands the information, the organism knows the information and it gives you a carbon copy of it.

We are all cells giving to the consciousness of the planet.

That is what the next higher being is. We are all part of one organism. The only thing that makes us different is self-realization. To realize you need awareness. You need to quiet the body and still the brain. When the body and brain are quiet, with the proper technique, you can use your awareness to seek out experience, which will bring the 3rd forward, your dimensional consciousness. Once the dimensional consciousness is active, you will also be aware of your body and brain. You can become aware of all three aspects of yourself and move that awareness into higher and lower dimensions. This experience is multi-dimensional consciousness!

Multi-dimensional consciousness is the act of moving three kinds of awareness into a singular consciousness.

Right now, you simultaneously exist in 3 places but are probably not aware of them all. In order to bridge your consciousness over to your dimensional consciousness you must gain control of the first two.

Do this by practicing meditation.

You must shift your present consciousness into higher vibrations. It must match the vibration of your dimensional consciousness. Your dimensional conscious is who you really are. It is the part of you that is waiting to Awaken! It is the part of you that yearns to meditate because it knows that meditating will help you reunite with it.

The meditation you practice must offer a bridge to your dimensional consciousness and not limit its focus to just your brain and body! Do you see the way this works? Do you understand that each aspect of your consciousness must give itself to your will and connect to the next? You can be aware of multiple dimensions at once. If this has not quite sunk in yet go back and read it again. It is highly worthwhile to make the effort and try to understand some of this concept.

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Debbi26 Premium Plus
Such interesting insights, I love reading and thinking about all this. Thanks for sharing.
LLiu Premium
This is so interesting, and you are right Marion, I have to go back and read it a few times to know that I understand. I feeling that I do understand, but I have to sit and practice it. I have to control the ego part because it wants to take over. Once I have mastered that then I feel I can do the other.
You have a very nice week end.
KatieMac Premium
Great way to describe it (3 dimensional) so other cultures also talk of a third eye.. it is fascinating stuff .. have a good weekend
PSenwelo Premium
I like the way you explained it here. Its a great experience of course access, experience and even live a multi dimentional life. My desire is to grow in that knowledge.
Loes Premium
There are parts I read three times:) I do see what you mean to tell, but the experience of it has to come yet