Awaken! Do You Remember?

Last Update: October 08, 2015

Everything you have read in these blogs is a Mandala, whether you fully understand it now or not. The knowledge will grow and expand inside of you, if you allow it to.

You see the knowledge in these blogs is electricity. It is living fire.

By discussing these things, it is as if I have given you a TV or a satellite dish. Now, it is up to you to sit down, turn on the TV and set the programming to collect data and receive information. That is what you have gained by absorbing these basic concepts. Now, when you see something, instead of scratching your head and moving on because you do not get it, you can understand it. That little piece of understanding helps hold your focus long enough to discover something amazing, before your attention flips to the next channel, saying, "I'm not amused by this". Now you can comprehend it and move beyond that barrier.

My job is to help seekers, like you, understand what you are and how to make sense of it. When you make sense of it, you will feel more complete. The biggest barrier to understanding this knowledge is the translation, because human verbalization is so crude. Do you understanding what I am saying?

If we sit down and watch a movie for 2 hours, would we be able to describe the whole movie and everything that happened in it? I am not just talking about every event, but every moment and the motion of those moments: how the actor's expressions made us feel versus what they were saying. It would be very difficult because the data of the experience, living inside us, is more intense. We would know what we felt and what we got out of the movie, but be unable to recreate that experience for another person. It is extremely difficult to recreate, with words, an experience that comes close to the original personal experience.

The difficulty with communicating the information in these blogs is that it is not simply information.

This is not just a blog of interesting philosophical things for you to sit around and think about. It is alive! This knowledge lives; it is an organic thing! It is a living thing and it will open doors in your mind that are nearly unbelievable! By reading these blogs and reflecting on its ideas and concepts, you are setting up the receiving equipment and learning to download the data. It is beginning! As you read, different parts of you start to put the pieces together, somewhere in the back of your mind.

Your brain starts to crack the code.

Then it begins to "FEEL". This triggers a chain reaction, which becomes something completely more than only the culmination of this information. It flips a switch and you begin to really experience things.

The only way for you to really understand is after the download of dimensional knowledge begins. There is no way for me to tell you everything that I know. We have no words to describe what I know or how I know it. You have to experience it for yourself.

I am offering a map of how to find this knowledge.

That has been my purpose for writing these blogs, sharing a meditation system that works for me and all the material I have shared with you.

My purpose has been to design a method for you to experience this knowledge for yourself. It has been a process of trying to figure out the best way to give people the necessary equipment, so to speak, to collect the data. It is a difficult process because there is know way, in this body, with these muscles, this tongue and these lungs for me to think of enough words to begin to express all of this information.

However, if you can receive the knowledge, your brain can create a universe. Then you begin to understand and you are on your way to Enlightenment. By reading these blogs, you are already Waking up!

The problem is that you are trying to find a way to crudely understand it in the same way you would understand other basic knowledge. The same way that a person can mathematically come up with an equation, these blogs teaches you how to equate the universe and how to equate your relationship to it. That does not mean you cannot deviate from this source to get other information. You can. However, the most common obstacle in the journey toward fully realizing this knowledge is not meditating enough.

The other problem is the brain thinking too much on a structural level. If you can remove that and look at things in a very relaxed way, letting it flow without forcing it, using fluidic consciousness, everything will make sense.

Reflect on what you have read in these blogs.

Nurture it in the back of your mind until it becomes strong and alive in you. Because you will forget, be forewarned, you will forget if you do not strive to remember. It will happen as a result of the tonal (vibration) of the planet, the vibration of its consciousness. It is the current of the collective consciousness constantly pounding on you. It is the stream trying to push you back into the ocean.

My next blog will be on: Struggle to Awaken, Surrender to Become

I hope you enjoyed this information. Remember learning anything of value doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and dedication, but the results will occur.

Your Friend,


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Simoc Premium
I love your blogs Marian. Enlightenment is my major focus and your blogs the source
KatieMac Premium
Very interesting Marian, strangely enough another member has just put a post up Martin and he was talking about the electricity with in us all and how the brain processes images... you are on the same wavelength.. look forward to next post
LLiu Premium
Hi Marian, really liked the way you put this blog together in explaining how this works,and I feel the next blog will help us to understand it a little more.
Marian like you said it takes time and practice and I can feel the energy you are bringing forth to all of us in your words and the way you are expressing them.
I can hardly wait until your next blog.

Have a very special day,
Linda :-))
EKautz Premium
You blow my mind Marian! Nice post!