Here's to a new kind of adventure!

Last Update: October 04, 2016

I'm an outdoors-lover. A nature enthusiast. A hiker. A photographer. A geocacher. A trail runner. But this. Online business? This is a whole new animal to me. I am loving soaking it all in and I think I am starting down the right path. I hope! I love outdoor adventuring, so why not use that with my online experience? Makes sense, right?!

Here's my direction. Yes, I love all things nature-related, who doesn't? Nature is too broad of a market, think again, Marina. Ok well I'm a girl, what about a girl's perspective on nature. Women's clothing, women's outdoors clothing. And accessories. You can adventure and explore and climb the highest mountain, but you can do it and look good too. Glamping, outdoor chic, there's a market here, I know it. Girls have to look good for their Instagram pics anyway, right? Now I just need a title. I've been struggling with that. I know I shouldn't get so bogged down with details, but that one is kind of important. It needs to be catchy. Something with chic, pulling in the forest perhaps, or mountains. Suggestions welcomed! Still playing around with it all, but excited to begin this journey, this climb to the top (See what I did there?) Getting into the adventurous spirit!

I promise my thoughts will be more organized when I start my for real website! :)

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JeffDolson Premium
Looks like your approaching your niche, write down your ideas and then make a decision.
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for sharing.