Goal Failures, New Endeavor and Goal Setting

Last Update: December 02, 2019


So, last week was a disaster as far as hitting my goals. Posts, research, comments; all missed. Life happened and something had to give. I hit a couple of goals and fell short on others. That's not to say that I missed them completely. Some were partial successes but not completed in full.

That said, I'm moving forward and not crying over spilled milk. In fact, I'm branching out into a new endeavor on top of my usual weekly activities.

Something New

So, some of you may know that I'm really excited at the prospect of angel investing. Sadly, I've found a lot of sites that talk about it and even offer forums but nothing that's truly a community. Add to that delays in posting and communication, mainly due to moderating content before others can view it, and most sites are just stagnant.

Enter my new endeavor... I'm building a community site. It will offer live chat, forums, private messaging and so on. It will be moderated after the fact, meaning I'll remove offensive/irrelevant posts and messages when I see them but won't hold them for approval, slowing communications down. If I have a major offender I'll simply cancel their account and ban them,

This will be a membership site that I hope to build into a monthly/annual recurring revenue stream.

I already have the site up but it's visually unappealing. I'm working on organization, functionality and layout first. Making it pretty will come after.

If anyone is interested in checking it out and providing me with some constructive criticism/feedback, I'd appreciate it. You can find it at https://angelpowwow.com. Just register for an account and select the Test Membership option. Remember, there's not much content yet and appearance will be addressed after navigation, functionality and so on have been locked down.

I appreciate your assistance.

Goals For This Week

I'm adjusting my goals a bit, considering my new endeavor. Here they are:
  • Share a post from WA on Facebook - I already completed this one.
  • Publish a post here on WA - This is that post.
  • Leave 30 site comments this week - In progress.
  • Help 25 members this week in live chat and by answering questions - In progress.
  • Publish 1 post on each of my 3 sites - In progress.
  • Start making my new site visually appealing - In progress.

Now, I'll be happy to help you stay on track. Leave a comment with your goals for the week and I'll reach out to see how you did next week.

Thank you,


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FKelso Premium Plus
Well, you have bitten off a large chunk. Good luck with meeting your goal and also with your new endeavor.

I had two posts to put up while on my Thanksgiving marketing trip to Juneau. Got them done, but something is amiss with my little computer. It opened emails so slowly that I could not answer any of them. Had to wait until I got home, and now there are pages of them! My first goal is to get caught up. Then I have to try to learn enough about videos so I can do month 6 of SAC. Sigh!
merlynmac Premium
I'm sure you'll get it all sorted and nail the video portion of the SAC too!
Ahimbe Premium
I like your goals since not only do they show your commitment to grow your sites but also include helping the WA community.
merlynmac Premium
Thank you
timstime20 Premium
Tough goals ... whew!
Wish you the best
Johnpavich Premium
Wow ! That's a lot of work ha ha will be checking out your angel site and will be in touch in the future 😎👌
merlynmac Premium
Thanks. Please, let me know what you think of it.
Johnpavich Premium
Scott checked out your site wow a lot of info there . I'am sure there are some good investments out there and it's always good to share with others !
All the best 😎👌
CStauber Premium
Good luck in your new endeavor. Much success to you.

Have a blessed week