Month 4 and 5 Done And Dusted - Well Almost!

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Month 4 and 5 has been the most hectic part of the challenge for me, but mostly because we have been moving house inbetween working so have had to rush through my articles somewhat.

I hope that month 6 will be less rushed.

However I have just added my 10th article for month 5 and am still hoping to do one or two more before deadline if I can.

I have not been working on my other blogs as much as I would like, but thankfully they have continued to make sales and revenue has increased sinced the beginning of the year so I am satisfied.

My make money blog however is only making money from adsense so far. It is probably becuase it is not focused enough to one specific niche, but I am getting over 100 visitors a day, and sometimes as much as 300 visitors, so I am sure it is because I am in a competitive market. I will keep on working as I am getting close to 350 articles. I also need to go back and improve some of my old ones.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle for guiding us so nicely through this challenge. I am learning so much and I am planning to go through the training again too as soon as things settle down, as you always pick up new things that you failed to learn the first time around.

Good luck to all of you and hope you are all still on target with the challenge.

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Linda103 Premium
Congratulations on getting through it especially with moving too.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I find that as well, when I finally get through my training, I'll go through it again too!