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Month 4 and 5 has been the most hectic part of the challenge for me, but mostly because we have been moving house inbetween working so have had to rush through my articles somewhat.I hope that month 6 will be less rushed.However I have just added my 10th article for month 5 and am still hoping to do one or two more before deadline if I can.I have not been working on my other blogs as much as I would like, but thankfully they have continued to make sales and revenue has increased sinced the begi
Once again, I see this is the last day of Month 3 of the Super Affiliate Challenge. Time flies and it has been a bit hectic, but I have managed to get most of my tasks done, as well as work a little on some of the other blogs I own.What Did I Achieve?Here's what I have accomplished over the last six weeks:I added 12 new posts to my blog and updated 2 old ones to repost.I shared all this on my social media accounts.I experimented some more with Canva and designed a couple of headers for my blog
This was a hectic month with family visiting and everyone in the holiday mode. It was sometimes hard to sneak away to work on content, but I am happy to say that my 12 posts for the month are now done and dusted.As far as my blog is going I now have about 285 posts on it, and my traffic has been gradually increasing, but I find my visits from search engines this month has gone down slightly.I had no new referals this month, but I also have less than twenty reviews on my site, so maybe in the ne
Ok, it's been a hectic month, but at least I have managed to finish most of the tasks on the list for the Super Affiliate Challenge. Working a full time job, even though I am self employed and running a couple of websites at the same time is not easy, but thank goodness for Sundays when I can catch up for the week.My Progress So FarI have done twelve posts, updated my WA Review and also updated two old posts.Unfortunately I have not always had time to spend five minutes each day helping out on
Ok, so I found this useful post that I would share with you all. It is always good to go back to basics again. found this on the infolinks blog, and found it really informative.Enjoy,Michel
November 24, 2016
So, hope I was one of the first to take up the WA Black Friday Special Offer. This decision will probably not do me so well for December and January, as I only get paid again in February when our schools open, but in the long run it will be worth it as it is a huge saving on the premium membership.Thank you WA for coming up with yet another way for the members to save.Any other yearly members on board yet?
November 10, 2016
Just want to check with everybody if it is just me, or is anybody else experiencing difficulty uploading images today? I have tried on three different websites and I just keep getting error messages.
I am glad to say I have my Jaaxy account back again - what a relief.In the meantime I have found another great tool to use and best of all it is free. It is different to Jaaxy, because it just gives you keyword ideas, and not competition and search related data, but it is useful to know about.This keyword tool is great for finding ideas for keywords and getting lists of long tail keywords that people worldwide are searching for. You can choose which audience to target from Google, Amazon, Bing,
August 13, 2016
Yesterday I had a really bad experience.I was rehearsing at a theater in a dodgy area with my dance studio, when under my nose my car keys were taken and my car was broken into. My handbag was stolen with all my cards. I am just happy they didn't take the car too.Even worse, my house keys and my Spanish Dancing Gear was taken too.I have had to cancel all my cards, and unfortunately Jaaxy is about to renew, so I thought, let me cancel them too for now until I get a new credit card (which will ta
Can I have a website for.......not making money with?sorting some home filing?fun?sharing with family and friends?Can I just have a website for fun?I thought that since WA offers 25 free websites and 25 domain named websites, why not just use some of the free websites to sort through and diminish some of my paperwork here at home?I am a woman who just doesn't enjoy being in the kitchen, much as I have tried. In fact it is my least favorite place in the house. However, each night I have to cook