How To Find Ideas For Your Keyword Research

Last Update: October 20, 2016

I am glad to say I have my Jaaxy account back again - what a relief.

In the meantime I have found another great tool to use and best of all it is free. It is different to Jaaxy, because it just gives you keyword ideas, and not competition and search related data, but it is useful to know about.

This keyword tool is great for finding ideas for keywords and getting lists of long tail keywords that people worldwide are searching for. You can choose which audience to target from Google, Amazon, Bing, Youtube, Ebay, Wikipedia and more...

Simply type in your core keyword, and you will get hundreds more similar ones to work with that you wouldn't even have thought of.

For example, I typed in 'keyword suggestion tool' and it gave me 97 new keywords to try. Here are just some of them. Apologies for the way that they have copied over, but they come to you in table format that is a lot easier than this to read.

how to use keyword suggestion toolshow to use youtube keyword suggestion toolkeyword phrase suggestion toolkeyword rich domain suggestion toolkeyword search suggestion toolkeyword search term suggestion toolkeyword suggestion generator toolkeyword suggestion toolkeyword suggestion tool adwordskeyword suggestion tool amazonkeyword suggestion tool apikeyword suggestion tool bingkeyword suggestion tool blackhatkeyword suggestion tool downloadkeyword suggestion tool for googlekeyword suggestion tool for seokeyword suggestion tool for websitekeyword suggestion tool freekeyword suggestion tool free downloadkeyword suggestion tool free onlinekeyword suggestion tool googlekeyword suggestion tool onlinekeyword suggestion tool overturekeyword suggestion tool php scriptkeyword suggestion tool seokeyword suggestion tool shutterstockkeyword suggestion tool softwarekeyword suggestion tool urlkeyword suggestion tool websitekeyword suggestion tool wordpresskeyword suggestion tool yahookeyword suggestion tool youtubekeyword tool google keyword suggestion toolleadimpact keyword suggestion tool......

You can export the keywords to your computer and use these to find which ones are easier to rank for by using the WA Keyword tool or your Jaaxy Tool.

You have to become a member of the site in order to export your list of keywords, but it is totally free.

Go to

Try it for yourselves, as it is great for brainstorming.

Happy Blogging


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