Can I Have A Website For.

Last Update: July 03, 2016

Can I have a website for.......

  • not making money with?
  • sorting some home filing?
  • fun?
  • sharing with family and friends?

Can I just have a website for fun?

I thought that since WA offers 25 free websites and 25 domain named websites, why not just use some of the free websites to sort through and diminish some of my paperwork here at home?

I am a woman who just doesn't enjoy being in the kitchen, much as I have tried. In fact it is my least favorite place in the house. However, each night I have to cook dinner for the family, which I find such a waste of time, as it is eaten up in less than five minutes.

But unfortunately we all need to eat, and we need to try and eat things other than takeaways and convenience meals for the long term sake of our health.So over the years I have been collecting easy recipes that take an hour or less to make. In this way I can spend more time doing the things that I love and as little time in the kitchen as possible.

Looking at this messy unorganized stack of recipes, I decided I needed to put my favorites on a website so I can find them quickly and also to share with others. And then I can get rid of this messy stack of recipes for once and for all.

Can I have a website for...not making money on? I am sure this shouldn't be a problem, and I think it is going to get rid of my clutter problem long term.

Maybe others have been using their websites for things other than making money on. I would love to hear your ideas.

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MPollock Premium
Love your idea, now you have me thinking.
KatieMac Premium
What you choose to do with your website is up to and what your planning to do sounds a good idea
Calmkoala Premium
What a positive idea! :)
Maggie2016 Premium
Definitely - good idea - utilise your membership to organise your life! I'll certainly take a look at your 'family meals in under an hour' website. Good luck
JudeP Premium
Of course you can, you can do whatsoever you wish with them. One of my sites is going to be an advice site for young women with mental health problems and very probably won't make a penny, but it's something I NEED to do, rather than have to :)