Finally completed my level 2

Last Update: March 01, 2019

I had completed in one month progression so far, most of them is about content creating which is part that i mostly dislike honestly.

As Kyle mentioned that do what you hate and yes i hate to do it, but it force me to do it cause of training purposes, I applied everything i learned from level 2.

Thus, I have no choice to acheive my goal instead of whinning myself and say "I can't do it" it turn off my brain to do it, but due to this training drags me up from my bed or lying my head on desk.

I know we all should start from somewhere that we never know where we come from and all sort of this.

But here I gave myself a chance back again to learn this Tedious WordPress content.

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Babou3 Premium
You are doing very well!
Keep on your great work!

Nice weekend!
Barney44 Premium
Job well done my friend. Congratulations

memercorey Premium
Thank you!
j52powell Premium
Good step forward. Congratulations!