Woo Hoo! Figured it Out

Last Update: July 01, 2018

This week was majorly frustrating when my site wasn't working. My affiliate links weren't showing up and I couldn't figure out why. Site support and EasyAzon's support didn't seem to know what was wrong either. After I fixed that issue, my google analytics didn't seem to be working.

Thankfully, I fixed both issues within a couple days. I'm so grateful for the WA community to keep my spirits lifted and point out possible problems. I feel great for overcoming this hurdle.

Now on to the next thing!

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muhsayy Premium
I knew you could do it. Sometimes it just take some looking at the problem and seeing what they need you to do. It happened to me shortly before it happened to you. I tried to seek help from the community, but my question would not go through. After studying the problem a bit, I went ahead and fixed it myself. I can feel your pride now. Congrats.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well at WA I think sometimes it takes a community to help start your business!!

Tried and True

Memorylaneuk Premium
Oh I so hate it when there are technical issues. I’m so not technical and always need the help of site support who have saved my bacon, so many times.
With Grace and Gratitude
EandS2018 Premium
It is very frustrating when you can’t figure something out but so glad that we have WA community to help us. They have helped us many times.
Blessings, Scarlett and Elaine
dchapman3 Premium
Keep moving forward.
melindac Premium
Thanks! Will do!