SEO PowerSuite

Last Update: December 12, 2016

I came across 'SEO PowerSuite', which is a software that helps in analyzing websites. I was skeptical especially of a SEO software, but I tried it and got great results when using the free version. I was able to analyze my websites easily to see what changes needed to be made to make my website better.

Areas that the software focuses on includes:

Keyword Research and Analysis

Rankings Monitoring


Content Optimization

Link Audit

Link Management

So if you want to analyze your website comprehensively, you can test the software by using the free version of SEO PowerSuite.

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ilario1989 Premium
is the free version really good though?
Mel1800 Premium
Yes, I use the free version. In the Web Auditor I put my website URL and my site is scanned. It shows where why website has problems and where there are no problems. If I have duplicate titles for example I will see this. If I have broken links, if my title is too long I will see it.
ilario1989 Premium
wow, thats awesome. Downloading that right now!
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for the recommendation.
Mel1800 Premium
You are welcome