How to Earn As Virtual Assistant: 5 VA Fundamental Questions Answered

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VA 101

To top up our income in this trying times Work from home called virtual assistant is becoming the easiest way to earn extra cash fast.

And once you read the basics I am pretty sure you could do it all the way. One thing, you should determine the right skills required for the job and the attitude and discipline to carry on as VA.

1. What is working online as a VA?

It is called VA or Virtual Assistant. It is working online at home or anywhere, not in the physical place of the work itself such as the office or company. This could be Adm. Personnel answering emails, calls, setting appointments, and the like.

2. What is the general overview of being a VA?

1. Ensure you have everything. A laptop and cell phone with
2. You should self-motivated, has initiative, prompt, and
punctual in submitting your work on a specific daily schedule.
3. You should also be ready to be available for “emergency”
4. Determine your pay usually $10 -$100 according to your
efficiency and effectiveness
5. You need a website where your client or employer can
contact you.
6. Understand the system how your client can easily
communicate with you how the system works in general
including how you pass your job report

3. How to be a VA?

Either you want as an independent contractor (I) or as an employee. To be independent you handle their businesses or as an employee of a reputable company.

4. What's the difference between an employee VA and independent contractor VA?

a. Disadvantages of Being an VA Independent Contractor:

You work for yourself, you dictate what time you will work. The number of hours of work per day. You can decide which day is your off day if you want to. You choose your own client. You determine how much is your pay and is directly send to your account.

It is difficult sometimes to negotiate terms and conditions. You have to be completely responsible for finding your client. Doing it as an independent means you have to handle all the responsibilities. You have to ensure you are paying your taxes with due diligence.

b. Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a VA Employee:

You get the job fit to your skill set provided by your employer, you only have to work on the agreed number of times or timings. Companies usually provide you with tools resources even pieces of training.

On the other hand, you are paid according to their pay scale. Your time is determined by your employer and could be inconvenient for you. You have company policies, rules, and regulations to follow.

From VA Employee to VA Independent Contractor

I advise you to begin as a VA and transition yourself as an independent contractor. This way you will also know exactly all the details on how to be a proficient VA and you might have established networks that could help you find companies for this purpose.

Focus on social media, be active to discover and connect with people who could provide companies requiring VA’s Connect with other VA in learning the secret of the trade

5. Where to find companies or employers?

There are sites you can easily search on the internet. I suggest you check the following sites as well: You can search a lot of them in the internet.

All the Best. I hope it helps.


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Virtual assistance is applicable to several domains where remote working is feasible. A virtual assistant may perform a number of back- end jobs, from air- ticket booking to hotel booking to bookkeeping tasks. Opportunities in the virtual assistance domain often include tasks that demand specialized skills and qualifications as well as tasks that are mundane and repetitive. So by assigning these tasks to virtual assistants, businesses and professionals can free up their time and use it for more critical tasks. If you are looking to become a virtual assistant, you should ask yourself what type of virtual assistant you would like to become. The most interesting thing is that they are more than 90+ tasks which you can do as a VA. For example, you can be a photo editor, a 3D designer, an animation expert, or a professional illustrator and can help other professionals or businesses with expert outsourcing assistance virtually.

Exactly. Well said. Thank you, Emily.

This is very interesting information. Truly something to give consideration to.

Being an independent VA Contractor, I think would be the way to go if you can manage it.

Being a VA employee of a company might be good for some people, but only if they want to go back to working a 9-5 job. You are at the mercy of the employer or company as far as the hours you must work.

Either scenario is good in it's own way.

After four years of being without a 9-5 job, I don't know if I could get myself back into that type of routine again. I've been too independent with my time. At Wealthy Affiliate, I work when I want to and have gotten used to that.

I honestly would have to think about whether I could do that again.

A great weekend too you, my friend.


Or leverage the VA for your online business, someday.

Very true.

Right on.👍🌈🍁





Great insight. I currently work as a VA.

Excellent. Way to go. Do you have any input or any points to share as a VA?

Btw Happy Friday and happy weekend, Nate. Keep safe and healthy

Thanks for sharing this information Florentino!

Welcome, James.

Btw Happy Friday and happy weekend, James. Keep safe and healthy

You too have a great Friday and weekend. Take care.


Thanks for the useful advice. I am always looking for alternatives for making money online.


That should be our attitude. Thanks, David.

Btw Happy Friday and happy weekend, David. Keep safe and healthy

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