From Surviving to Thriving: 3 vital pointers to understand and remember

Last Update: August 04, 2020

1. Be sure

For a multi-Trillion dollar online business - be sure you know where you are going to! We at the WA community might as well take care of our own online business more seriously ASAP. From surviving to thriving:3 Vital pointers to understand and remember. The first one Be sure you are into it - that you are sure you will keep going.

Well, online business will keep thriving by leaps and bounds in an epic proportion, be sure you are in the loop.

If we could just get a tiny part from it, what it's going to be? I am not sure but it will be enough to get our dreams "happy" to appear in front of us. And each one of us who would have turned dreams into things we can behold - these realities would be the happiest. Be sure you will keep going

The point is, online business is truly the place where we could realize the dream we have been yearning for. I bet some are having their dream for years. And some have already made it.

Question? Would you make it happen this time? Using WA platform as our stepping stone? Can we join the virtual world in partaking some great financial windfall for our own online affiliate marketing or our online business in general? The answer must be sure. Sure that you will keep going long enough to see some of our friends have given up. But you, you must be sure- you keep on going.

Here is why. When you keep on going you should have already known your destination. A bus who has a destination will reach it even if it went through rough road, dangerous cliffs, and flooded potholed roads The bus got going for sure, he would reach his destination. If you are sure- so can you.

2. Be informed

Be abreast with news, data and development in the online world. What is going on in the virtual world?

Fortunately or unfortunately because of COVID-19, online business is set to grow so fast that the global online business (in shopping alone), is going to hit 4 trillion dollars in 2020. And in the United States, she will have 300 million people buying online by 2023.

Based on the recent analysis around 42 percent of the US inhabitants will go buying their home requirements online at least once a week, according to a reliable source. This is a great jump from 22 percent a couple of years ago. On grocery sales being done each day, the growth has similarly almost doubled as well.

According to reliable sources, U.S. online retail sales (physical goods alone) could have amounted to nearly 345 billion in US dollars by 2024, and is projected to grow even faster after that. This will be the new lifestyle, the new normal. It has been taking shape long before we become aware of it, more apparently since 2017!

We can infer from the information that we have a great future if we keep sharpening our "tools" and our knowledge in this area of endeavor. WA community, WA University, WA Training, WA library and so many WA resources we can leverage. That is why WA community is the best place to be now more than ever.

    We all are in a sense, into a great journey. There are many reasons and possibilities why you have to keep going.

    We all are in a sense, into a great journey. There are many reasons and possibilities why you should not stop and abandon the idea.

    The only way to go forward is to keep going. Why so? Because it is a fight of your life. You do not want to see yourself running away from a good cause.

    Wait a minute. Why did you join and paid your premium? Money. But more than that you wanted to tell yourself you can make it just like the rest of those who have done it big time. We heard them realistically earning 6 figures a year from online business. You bet it is true.

    Here are the top 10 Amazing Information, They are as follows, enjoy.

    1. Google remains the most popular search engine.

    2. There are more than 4,200,000,000 internet users.

    3. A whooping 3.2 billion internet users are also social media users.

    4. You know, 33% of the world uses WordPress to power their websites.

    5. Asia has the most number of internet users.

    6. People on mobile devices spend the most time on these apps: maps, instant messenger, music, photos, weather, and games.

    7. The total number of websites on the internet is 1.95 billion.

    8. Google averages 40,000 searches every second, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches worldwide per year.

    9. Chrome remains the most widely used browser 61.72%, followed by Safari,15.23%, Firefox, 4.66%, Opera, 3.15%, and Internet Explorer,2.81%.

    10. The fastest growing segment of the internet is mobile social media users.

    In addition, the most popular SOCMED (social media) apps are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Tiktok, Netflix, and Spotify.

    Although recently Tiktok has started crumbling down because of the alleged discovery that Chinese cell phones have been used as instruments of spying, particularly targeting the USA, ( not necessarily Tiktok, anyway, it is from China).

    Be decisive

    To keep going on, to search on and not quit as what Ulysses poem stated "To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield" should be what we should keep, that should dictate not only our heart but our spirit to reach our destinations (our goals) Be decisive to keep going.

    Nobody knows the future, no one knows what would one become, what hurdles one might face, no one else know the challenges you are into so do not expect anyone to know what your passion and determination are about. Let them know it by arriving to where you determined yourself to be.

    When people intensely obstruct your endeavors, when the evil forces begin to find a way to destroy you. Just like the elements of darkness they cannot withstand the light and shining force you are having, keep going, for sure they won't be there when you arrived. They would be hiding in shame or in silent envy. There is a saying answer them with success, that is the best, the hardest slap to those who have despised you and belittle your dream. So keep going!

    Never let the noise of oppositions overcome the silence of your conviction, show them where they belong, behind you as you reach your goal, their noise then won't be long. So keep going, the more the enemies sprout along the way, let your resolve be more immense than they! Keep going

    To keep going is an act of destroying the doubt, worry, uncertainties and fear, keep going defeating them until their bigness become as big as a particle of dust on your road to success - keep going.

    Indeed, we shall be in different situations, on different challenges and ordeals. That is why, keep going on is a decision we take each day. By renewing our belief in the beauty of our dreams. And remembering the thought you are getting nearer by the day. So don't ever think of giving up. Keep going on.

    Gather your strength, Keep those who believe in you, get those friends that cheer you and those wise men who confer that everything is what it should. Keep going, nothing will happen to those who would never stop their march to their dream. There is no alternative but victory, Success, to win the game of life. To retain the meaning of living. And to share the joy to those who deserve your support. For one day we will prevail.

    There are many who would pass by. Don't worry. Each one of us have the burden on our shoulder to make this world be a little better place to live in by sharing the victory you made to those who were once upon a time like you. Just keep it going

    The clearer your conviction in life, the quicker it will appear in front of you for real.

    Just like what I have read man might fall so many times, but shall stand each time he falls. For what? To keep going on.

    These thoughts are not meant to be read, they are meant to think about and apply in our daily lives. Let us keep going to our dreams.

    Do not be harsh on yourself in terms of food, rest and silence. You owe it to your heart and soul. And you owe it to your life to keep going for your future depends on the strength of you taking action so keep going. Keep going

    Note: All sources of information can be had if requested.

    Best regards,


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    Ervido1 Premium
    I don't know if you picked your name or someone gave it to you but it sure fits. Your readings of Dr King, Gen Doug and others has definitely given you an insight that is not common to the ordinary person. Even an novice as myself can understand why I got in line behind you. I have taken a lot of notes. Thank you and God Bless I might add James 4:17 KJV also, it definitely belongs.
    megawinner Premium
    Amen. I appreciate your good words. Thank you, Paul.
    JKulk1 Premium
    Some mind boggling information in your blog Florentino.

    I did have a Tik Tok account but found it really wasn't for me, regardless if it being Chinese.

    I actually like the idea that the mobile phone is growing rapidly as a main internet search and operational tool.

    During my health issues I was unable to go to my office and work on my PC.

    If it wasn't for my mobile I would have had to give up on Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best. Jim
    megawinner Premium
    Mobile is the handiest of all gadegets, it is not a bad idea to invest on this type of gadget.
    Farah20 Premium
    Valuable informative post. I liked "keep driving the bus" because you know your destination and there will be obstacles along the way. This is a powerful concept,
    The facts blew my mind and it's clear that you can reach these people too, why not? People are always searching for more and something new online.
    I enjoyed reading very much, a great post! Take care.
    megawinner Premium
    Welcome, Farah!
    philmedia Premium Plus
    Great inspiration, I actually love this quote a lot,

    "Never let the noise of oppositions overcome the silence of your conviction, show them where they belong, behind you as you reach your goal, their noise then won't be long. So keep going, the more the enemies sprout along the way, let your resolve be more immense than they! Keep going"

    We spend so much time looking around us "saying we are not good enough" rather then focus on our own readers, clients and customers.

    thanks for sharing, Phil
    megawinner Premium
    I appreciate your good words. Thanks as well. Welcome.
    pken35 Premium
    Awesome post, great facts and excellent motivation. Thanks for reminding everyone to stay on the success path. Keep working hard every day and you will reach your destination, “ Success “
    Florentino you deserve a trophy for all your great post and your commitment to WA members success!!!
    megawinner Premium
    I appreciate your good words, Kenny. Have a great day. Thanks.
    megawinner Premium
    AS an appreciation, I am following you now.