Website Traffic Growth - Slow as Molasses

Last Update: October 13, 2016

For the last three months, I've done little but work on my website. Between learning how to use Wordpress and SEO, fixing plugin conflicts, and researching, writing, and revising content, there has been more than enough to keep me busy 12 hours a day every day. However, I seem to have finally reached a point where everything is in place and working, and now I'm just waiting for readers to show up.

I've tried all kinds of strategies to bring in traffic, but nobody seems interested. My website has plenty of followers on Facebook and Pinterest, but there are only about three people who ever read the articles, and two of them are WA members. After that first tiny sale during my first month, I've also gotten no hits on my affiliate links at all. I've asked for feedback from others in my niche, and have been told my articles are well-written, innovative, and helpful. So I'm honestly feeling perplexed. Why would so many people like my website only to never read or interact with what I post?

I add a new article to my website 5 days a week, and post to social media a few times a day. I try to interact with my social media followers, and visit and comment on forums related to my niche. I even pay $5 per day for very targeted advertising on Facebook. (YouTube hasn't been possible for me yet because I don't have the right equipment -- someone had offered to loan me some, but rescinded.) For my efforts, all I seem to get is more and more email spam from people looking to sell me something, some of whom are really obnoxious.

All that said, I'm not asking how long it takes to build an audience -- I know the answer already, and I'm committed to the long haul. However, I am wondering how I should be spending my time now. Do I just keep doing what I'm doing, even though it feels like I'm sending every article, social media post, and advertising dollar into the darkest recesses of space?

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onmyownterms Premium
Trying finding places to guest blog in your niche, and allow others to guest blog on your site. Find ways to engage on Instagram and Pinterest, and continue to do what you're doing as well.
Me4TheWin Premium
Thanks, Mel! I'll see what I can dig up about guest blogging. I appreciate the idea!

I'm already engaging on Instagram and Pinterest, but will try harder there, too.

onmyownterms Premium
You're welcome DeeDee.