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Last Update: May 25, 2016

i must say that i'm on my first week with WA. i'm amazed by the plain and simple, clear, step by step videos and instructions, including the "by the way" (get comments here, give comments there :)) assignments.

a week ago, a website sounded to me like a binary option. something i can only read about, and actually i did not believe that as a non native, i would be able to write content in english. kudos.

my website deals with health and i know it is a very broad and loaded area. yet, i will review only topics, books, eating plans etc.. i experienced myself. my website name is:

in a world of global trading, one must be familiar with the web world or else he will be yesterday's news. having a LLM and a LLB, from a respected university and tones of courses, can not compare to what i achieved here till now. i agree, university is important, but it is YOU, who build your own life.

in 3 months from now i would like to get deeper into this world and understand ith thoroughly. this is a huge ocean and that are many fishermen, but there are many fish either. i would like to translate a website to revenues and about 6 months, building more websites, in topics i'm interested with.

being an attorney, i make a living, so i'm not worried about not quiting my job, so it is easier for me to take care of 4 cases a month, have time for myself and use the tools of WA.

the bottom line is that i believe everyone wants to see results, financial, inspirational, educational etc.. and it is good to have such a supportive community, like WA.

I thank all the people assisting, cooperating and brainstorming.

i can hope for a true financial success in the next months, and i believe that the experts here know the way.

the reviews given to WA, before i subscribes were 5 stars everywhere. i was skeptical-sound too good to be true. having said that i believe that it is true, but it requires tons of time and effort and of course investment of money.


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mdmdmd63 Premium
thank you vitaliyg and kyle. i really appreciate and i did enjoyed your support.
see you on the way up.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
More like 10 out of 5 stars Moses! Great progress :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Wow, you have made some amazing progress for being one week in. It took me just over a month to get my first website up and running (and it wasn't nearly as nice as yours) when I started out. If you can sustain this rate of progress moving forward and do so over a period of time, you have a bright future ahead of you.

Keep us updated with your progress moving forward. :)