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Your progress thus far-as i mentioned earlier, i made a long way from absolutely knowing nothing about websires and internet to a better better knowing person. with the help of the community, i'm struggling, but going forward. as i'm not planning on finanacial reveneus for the next 3-6 months, i'm pretty calm. i write my content, i connected to adsense, i messed with G+, PINTEREST, FB and TWITTER, which were totally unfamiliar to me.Your website that you have created-, which
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May 25, 2016
i must say that i'm on my first week with WA. i'm amazed by the plain and simple, clear, step by step videos and instructions, including the "by the way" (get comments here, give comments there :)) assignments.a week ago, a website sounded to me like a binary option. something i can only read about, and actually i did not believe that as a non native, i would be able to write content in english. website deals with health and i know it is a very broad and loaded area. yet, i will review