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Last Update: September 08, 2016

Allow me to digress for a minute. I found this in my email:

That reminded me that I claim to be an antiexertionist, spelt without a hyphen for reasons of obscurity. If you had multilevel spondylosis and anxiety depressive disorder listed in your medical file, you mightn’t want to over-exert yourself, either. Even though exercise is prescribed as a treatment for both.

I’ve been absent from WA’s social scene for some time now, thanks to the latter health problem and the fact that we are right now in the middle of moving house. As far as my WA rank is concerned, I have one foot on a banana skin to obscurity, which is to be expected.

Getting back to the image above, I decided to Google “antiexertionism”. Google wouldn’t accept the word without a hyphen, so I relented. There were no entries for “anti-exertionism” (how’s that for a keyword?) but Google offered me some alternatives, which included some entries for expired and deleted domain names.

I then Googled for “expired and deleted domain names” and I’ll list the first page:

If you are can’t think of quite the right domain name or your choice is taken, you might find a suitable one, or at least some inspiration in the list.

However, before buying a deleted or expired domain name it’s wise, as you probably already know, to do a check on the names. Here’s a link to an article from Quora explaining why:

The idea of searching for expired and deleted domains isn’t new but I hope it will prove helpful to some members.

By the way, antiexertionist is not another word for couch potato. I garden, therefore I am.


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WBoyer Premium
I haven't actually been diagnosed yet but i have a doctors appointment next week and well we'll see what he says. LOL
Thanks for the great idea and a way to research. I'm sure this will come in handy for a lot of us.

mckm Premium
Thanks, Bill. I hope you receive good news from your doctor. - Margaret
MPollock Premium
Great post, thanks,
mckm Premium
I'm glad you liked it. - Margaret
PMindra Premium
Great post, Margaret. Thank you for sharing with us.

mckm Premium
Thank you, Paul.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Good to see you Margaret, hope you are getting back on top of things and best wishes for the shift. What an excellent post all the bells and whistles, you are back in the writers seat, go you.
mckm Premium
Good to see you, too Alexander. The arrival of Spring, in spite of recent storms etc gets one up and going. The shift was made difficult by road works outside our previous address but we're settling in here and all's well.
JudeP Premium
Lol Margaret, you've nearly made me spill my coffee!! I laughed out loud at that. Your sense of humour is refreshing and it's lovely to see a fellow depressive having a giggle! I also adore the 'I garden, therefore I am' expression. You've brightened my morning and I thank you for that :)
mckm Premium
Glad I could help, Jude. I know well how an article or cartoon can brighten my day.