72 Referrals In June - What Did I Learn

Last Update: June 30, 2020

This post is not to boast but to help others that may be struggling when promoting WA.

Today I want to run through what I am doing and also what I have learned too.

Firstly, I would say that if you are not building an email list with an autoresponder then this could be a mistake.

Yes you have your website/blog, Yes you have social media accounts and YouTube channels but there is no better way (I have found) than to build trust with your audience than through email.

By giving away some information in exchange for someones name and email address still works.

I have had 193 people sign up to my email list in June

I give away a free 7-day email bootcamp.... directly after signing up I send them to a thank you / sales page which invites them to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate. As you can see the take up is fairly high.

I also give away some bonuses to encourage new WA members to upgrade. Thanks to fellow WA member @mikebeatty for tips on this.

And of course the beauty is I now have their email and can continue to recommend WA to them. And of course other relevant products and services.

I promote my email bootcamp on my blog, social media acounts and my YouTube channel so all of these platforms help to build my list and of course my business.

Note:- I have not used any paid advertising as yet!

Yes I still have some tweaking to do to improve things so its work in progress. I have learned alot about my email subscribers I will be segmenting my list more and may look at some paid ads next month.

Although, I did get referrals into WA without using my sales funnel and email list I would highly recommend that you start building as soon as you can.

Remember, you can do this, keep creating content, build your email list, and build your business.

I wish you every success...


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Roybretton Premium
Hello Martin,

Well done, that really is a great achievement, Martin! As they say, the money is in the list!

I guess that you have written the seven-day email Boot Camp Martin, or do you employ a writer? It's great that you are using free traffic, it definitely seems like it is working.

Wishing you all the best.

mcb247 Premium
Thanks Roy.

Yes I have written all the emails so far.

Trodvies Premium
Congratulations, Martin, and thanks for sharing such a motivational post on email marketing.

If you don't mind, when you speak of giving away a 7-day 'email bootcamp', is it email marketing bootcamp (i.e. training to do email marketing) or is it MMO bootcamp (a kind of introduction to MMO) that you provide to your subscribers via their email - hence the name?
mcb247 Premium
Its a bootcamp on starting your own business online.
Trodvies Premium
Thanks for clarifying.
mcb247 Premium
No problem
CDarling1 Premium
First I must say congrats on your great accomplishment! I love this idea, but I'm at a loss how to go about doing it. I had to recover my site so I'm starting over. I suppose Facebook would be a good place to start. I may be sounding daft about this but how do I go about getting an autoresponder. I'd really like to get some more information as I'm really struggling with setting up my site.

Thank you.
mcb247 Premium
Get your site back up and sorted then we can sort out the autoresponder after
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Martin,

I hear a lot about how important it is to build an Email list but this process is a mystery to me.

I hope you don't mind me asking some basic questions on this topic.

When people visit any blog post I have seen from others that I need a pop up to appear after they have been reading for a few minutes.

The pop up provides an offer they will receive if they send me their Email address.

OK I have a few of questions about this process.

1) How do I create a pop up? And are there other ways to make an offer without a pop up?

2) Once the offer is made and they enter their Email address, where does that go?

3) How do I set it up so that I can automatically send them the freebie for their Email?

At this point I am aware that by using an Autoresponder system like Mailchimp or Aweber, I can capture their Email addresses in a database. And I vaguely understanding there is a way to set up different Email capture lists for different campaigns. How is this done?

Once I have their Emails in an Autoresponder I think I have a good idea how to set that up to automatically send messages at regular intervals. Much like the Referral system here for starter members.

My problem is I don't know how to set this all up. Is there training somewhere that will show me the way by answering the questions above? The lessons I have come across within WA have not helped me break the mental block.

Since I am new to this I would prefer to start with a free or low cost system. Do you have any advice on that?

I apologize for dumping my problems on you. Since you fie in that level between a beginner and a pro, I feel you are the ideal person to advise someone like me.

I thank you for any advice you can give.


mcb247 Premium
I will PM you a video to explain how to set up everything.
Irishredrose Premium
Will you PM me that video as well? Thanks!
mcb247 Premium
Video sent to you Edwin... on question two I would always send them directly to a thank you page after sign up.

Be sure to utilize this page as everyone should see this page.

Depending what freebie you are giving them you should be able to upload files and or videos into your dashboard in wordpress then use the link in your first email to them.

Using free autoresponder are okay but it's not to long that you will have to upgrade anyway... I have always used AWeber they do have a 30 day free trial to start with.

Any more questions after viewing the video just shout.

mcb247 Premium
Will send over for you
rjkennedy Premium
Thank you for sharing this. In the past, i did use an email marketing system, but after so many months of paying monthly payments to that company (and No signups) I canceled. Maybe my free offer, they felt was not beneficial to them. (I find people want something offered to them where the can make money!)

My offer was just a book I created regarding comedy/entertainment.) My mistake, i guess. Thank you for a clearer understanding of email marketing.
mcb247 Premium
Thanks for your comments Ronald, you are correct if you don't make sales then any tool can be expensive.

When you're ready to try again I am here to help just message me if needed.