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Last Update: December 09, 2015

So, today I was supposed to do a blog post about about my progress so far. Just had to published my post from the lesson before and posting it oute´on G+, FB and twitter.
This time I must have been writing great # because 15 minutes things started to happened-

In Sweden we have two Unions for teachers and one of them started to follow me, liked my post and retweeded it and suddenly I had a lot of traffic to the site and it has continued during the day. I have to wait till tomorraw before I will make my blog post for Course 4 Lesson 7 Task. Hopefully it looks as much better this day as I think :)

Positive thinking

One of my favorite poster (don't know if it's a real word) in here is
He sometimes writes really good information and sometimes he actually doesn't write about anything special rather than tell us to stay positive and it always gives me positive energy.

So this must be Tony:

- Stuck with your foot

So I hope you still will spread your positivism!
And all of as focus on positive thinking!

Thanks to the whole WA community!
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TonyHamilton Premium
Thank You Max,

I just noticed this post and appreciate the compliment my Friend.

Sharing is Caring,

paulgoodwin Premium
Very goon and thank you for sharing
maxser67 Premium
Thank's :)
Crystalone Premium
Yes he is :)
maxser67 Premium
Always :)
Loes Premium
So great! Traffic from retweets:) Keep that traffic coming! And yes, Tony is an enthusiastic inspiring leader:)!
maxser67 Premium
Yes, I now Know which # to use to reach out to other teachers :)