Where does all the time go ?

Last Update: February 03, 2016

Do you ever ask yourself where does all the time go ? Well I have ,in fact that is exactly what I am doing right now.

I have working my rear off for almost 2 weeks now and there is still not enough time in the day to get everything done ,but that does not mean I will give up or stop trying.

I will tell you what I have accomplished in these 2 weeks ,starting with completing Boot Camp phase 1 lessons 3 through 8 , getting started phase 1 lesson 3 through 8 . I have commented on over 75 websites .

I have followed over 200 people and commented in over 3 hundred posts here I have changed my auto responder from Mail Poet to Mail Chimp and made a pop up for my email sign up form for all three sites .

I Have had to tear three websites and rebuild them because of issues with my computer I have learned how to flush my DNS on windows 10 . (crazy huh?)


have finished 2 posts and am working on another one for my last site .I have spent over two days researching keywords and then filling out applications for Affiliates for video games. .

I know it seems like I have done a lot but to me it is still not enough .I still have not put any new subscribers to my list I have not been able to get a steady stream of traffic to any of my sites my conversion is not to my liking .

I still have so much to learn and you know what ? I really do not care I am like a kid in a candy store every day I wake up I thank the Heavenly Father that he had me go in this direction I now am totally happy .

This is my talent I know it I truly believe that this is what I was meant to do and nothing is going to stop me from this path .

So when you ask where does all the time go think about all that you have accomplished in that time and I am sure you will see that you have accomplished more then you think all the best Max

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Max, great post thank you for the reminder, time does skip by but it is time very well spent.
Maxiam59 Premium
you got it thanks for the comment and all the best Max
boucherda Premium
Where do you get the quotes?
Maxiam59 Premium
from free picture sites like Free Foto all the best Max
womo2015 Premium
Good set of reality we all facing up!
Recommended for WA Communty.

Maxiam59 Premium
yes we are and if you keep trying you will succeed all the best Max
WindyCityUSA Premium
Truth, nice job!
Maxiam59 Premium
thank you and never give up and never surrender all the best Max
TGrisaft Premium
How true and lookout because time flies by so we all have to move fast. Keep on rolling.
Maxiam59 Premium
yes it does and thank you for the comment all the best Max