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I'm MaxEffect and this is my second-time-around in WA - my best decision this year.

Having spent a number of years working in the financial sector of corporate London, I decided it was time I placed my own goals at the top of the list for a change.

I joined two years ago, right at the beginning of my IM education online but could not make sense of all WA had to offer - felt like too much at once - and besides, there were those shiny things Over There winking and waving at me.

I updated my passport and went Over There to investigate. The way you do. Problem was, EVERYthing shines Over There. I got so busy, I stayed a little longer than intended.

The fact is, my education remains incomplete so I'm back to deal with that.

I recall my initial feeling of a unique space at WA with owners' input just a click away but the true value was in the forums: complete strangers helping complete strangers. That was a new experience for me.

I've completed some labours of love: tested the water with Squidoo (really love that format); wrote some articles on my pet subjects (still on my hard drive - dont, I know what you're gonna say!).

I live in Kent in the UK and I'm a married mother of one (1) . . . on a mission.

It feels like I am back at square one but I need to ignore my ego and get on with my education.

Looking forward to meeting YOU . . . much success.
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MaxEffect Premium
Lol. The Caribbean: Barbados is my second home.
webkab Premium
Stay focued write you plan of action out then just do it.
That's the best advise I can give you. Just Do It.
MaxEffect Premium
Thank you.