Persistency Makes A difference!

Last Update: January 18, 2017

Persistency is the key

I love to see persistency as hitting a point on the wall continually with a hammer, but it comes to a time in which the wall gives way. Was it the first hit that enables the wall to give way? But the accumulation of the hits on the wall!

Every high flyer will always have a story to tell you about how hard they work to make things work out in their Endeavor. Fortune only favors the brave, and comes to the court of the persistent.

I am not usually someone who pulls out Steve Jobs quotes but I actually come across a great one which emphasizes the importance of persistence in particular-

" I am convinced that about of what separates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful one is persistence"

- Steve Jobs

There is no such thing like something for nothing.

Wish all WA members continue working hard!

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drjec Premium
Good pep talk!
maun5130 Premium
Thanks for stopping by.
alanoneill Premium
Great motivator Maun
maun5130 Premium
Thanks for stopping by. Persistence is one of the most important components of success.

Wish you all the best!