48,000 and counting

Last Update: January 20, 2020

So thats 48,527 and 2,463.

so I follow nearly 50,000 people and 2,463 follow me so what is the best way to solve this?

What would be the best way would it to be remove all who I follow and add everyone who follows me? or shall I just leave it how it is.

What would you do and it is just to see what people think as im not fussed but i dont want to follow people who are not active and are no longer here?

Im just tidying things up.

Thanks, guys


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mgmalek Premium
If they're not on WA anymore it will say that on their profile. Ive sometimes followed someone and all of a sudden they follow me back when I respond to a question they've asked or engage in their post or common on their website.
Sometimes my WA emails go to spam or promotions so I don't realise someone is following me.
Dhind1 Premium
There is merit in following people, especially if they follow you back. I definitely follow those who follow me and I have followed a few people over time in order to learn. I think you know who is helping you and who is not. It is a personal decision. But, if you are not getting value from a follow then you have to decide if you want notification of what they are saying or not.
Everything adds up in the inbox and takes time to wade through. I try to keep my inbox read, which is time-consuming. I do not like emails that are unread except for Social and Promotions etc.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - if you are literally following every single new member as soon as they join, they probably won't understand what following means, and that's why they don't follow back. Are you getting any value from following them? Or are you contacting them with a welcome message? If not, then it seems a bit pointless.
AlexEvans Premium
Time for a reality check Matt, the majority of the members you have followed, will be inactive or they are no longer members.

What was the point and intent behind following all those people.

That is the question to ponder.

The answer will give you clarity and will help you with your business moving forward.

Everything here in WA, is very subtle.

People tell me that they are always helping others, better to provide quality, than slip into becoming a rank farmer. One creates value one does not.

Don't waste time, stressing, about it; invest time creating a strategy moving forward; , one creates value, one does not.
FKelso Premium
You have a point -- I never thought about how many of my followers may no longer be in WA. Seems like they would automatically disappear. However, as I haven't checked any of them, how would I know?

I add folks, but don't really do much else to that list.