Amazon Set Back? Time to Step Up.

Last Update: July 03, 2021

I'm 6 months in to my WA journey. My pace of content creation has stalled over the last month while both my wife and son have been in and out of hospital.

In addition my 9-5 has been very stressful over recent weeks and has been sucking time and energy from me.

Then yesterday, I received notification from Amazon that I had failed to make any sales and they were closing my affiliate account.

When it rains, it pours.

And yet...

  • I'm beginning to see impressions and clicks increase. Tiny improvements, but improvements nonetheless.
  • Several of my articles now rank on page 1 of Google.
  • I've just switched to the block editor on WP and am excited about the improvements in visual appeal I'm now going to be able to implement across my blog.

In respect of this last point, a huge thanks to Jay for his training on review posts where he opened my eyes to the benefits of the block editor.

I'm on the brink of completing level 5 training and am going to push on with keyword research and creating content.

I'm determined to succeed and I remain as enthusiastic as ever about the training here at Wealthy Affiliate and the prospects of building multiple income streams through affiliate marketing.

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair;

I'm not going to reapply to Amazon until I see a significant increase in traffic.

Is there a threshold of visitors per week/month that you would recommend before reapplying to Amazon?

Have a great weekend.


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Wdcope Premium
I stayed away from Amazon until I had traffic and glad I did even though I was shut down once in the beginning also. There will be times we feel everything is not working but it makes us stronger when it does.
Wish you continued persistent action.
Take care,
MattE888 Premium
Thanks Bill. I most definitely will persist. I'm enjoying it too much not too!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Good decision on waiting to reapply, Matt! I hope your wife and son will be better soon!

MattE888 Premium
Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate your well wishes for my family.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're very welcome, Matt!

DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - in case you didn't see my response to your question in Live Chat - you can re-apply at any time and will be accepted. However, you will be given a new ID and will have to replace all your links. Your current links will still direct to Amazon but you won't receive any commission.
MattE888 Premium
Diane, as always thank you. Your knowledge and willingness to help is appreciated.

That's going to be a pain in the backside, but so be it.

I'm going to focus on getting the content and traffic up and worry about monetizing later on.
PaulChatwin Premium
Hi Matt.
Definitely good to give yourself a break and concentrate on your traffic.
Amazon have shut my account more times than I can think of. It's definitely a mission changing your ID on all your links but it has to be done.
Keep up the good work.
MattE888 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Paul, it means a lot. Have a great day.