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My name is Matt and I'm here to make this into a full time work from home job.

I'm am a proud father of the two greatest accomplishments I've ever made in my life and backed my an amazing woman who has been an amazing support of mine for the last 5 years.

Unfortunately 6 months ago I was surprisingly let go from my job with out just cause and was never given a reason why.
I am not the type that takes being treated unfairly well and before being released from that employer I was basically working night and day(literally 24-75 hour shifts and recorded 363 hours in a month working 7 days a week sometimes not being able to sleep 3-4 days at a time while the rest of the service workers were barley putting in 40 hour weeks. Oh almost forgot to mention why trying to joggle my work load my wife gave birth to our second child within 12 months. I was only given the day my son was born off because work need me. I literally risk my life every day draving a company vehicle so many time I lost count and if it wasn't for my Jr partner grabbing the wheel or yelling last second there is a very real possibility I would be here today and my kids would have lost there father for 20 dollars an hour Canadian. Oh and the other two technicians were the same age as me had half my work loaf at best and never required to be on call or work weekend because it was always dumped on me., but yeah they were making 29 an hour before OT.

I literally have never tried so hard in my life to succeed and stand out against the rest with the skill and attitude I can do to try and prove I deserved a raise too, because at this point being in a single income family we were barely getting by and then one day out of nowhere I was called up and told a severence package was being made for me and I was officially terminated.

Worst day of my life and at this point I basically lost faith in ever being able to be a success but more importantly I'm a father now and can't even provide for my family after I gave that company everything I had just to be randomly fired without ever being written up under my 4 year I worked there.

I had literally gave up on working and basically fell into a deep depression where I felt what's the point of trying in life cause at the end of the day your literally viewed as a threat to the rest of your fellow coworked and once that happens in all fairness it come down to personal relationship between management and your co works. Once I made it undeniably obvelous I was the best worker the company had out the door I went.

After the way I was used and played for a fool I refuse to work for another company why I'm being treated as a slave and not a human being I was done and started trying to educate myself on ways of making money without having to deal with supervisors and boss that literally treat there employee as animals I found myself a delivery driver for skip the dishes Thinking this is amazing no boss pick my owe schedual I found my job from heaven... Or so I thought, that lasted about a week before I felt like the world biggest losser coming from a service supervisor job that actually made me feel like maybe my life was going to turn out to be a susseccful one my kids could be proud of to a deadend delivery job that had me scrambling to make unrealistic amounts of money to pay our which I knew would never happen especially whmy tiny eco friendly 4 cylinder go cart car(Hyundai Elantra) is burning Thu $60 a day in gas to make 130 in a day well now that 20 an hour is looking more like 10 an hour I quickly found myself right back in that dark place. Shortly after I decide to give this wealth affiliate site I kept hearing about with never really even giving a slum chance that it might actually work.

Weeks of depression and me being my byfar hardest critic and worst enemy I decide, know what I literally have nothing to lose at this point(literally on the verge of losing everything and claiming bankruptcy because of regretful credit card purchases when I was making 75000 a year. It was do or die. Which basically was a pg maybe pg 13 version of what brings us to today, and my thought right now are purely negative I know if I Appy myswlf and try and be positive, who knows maybe the year of karma scalding me for the 1000 of stupid things I've done maybe my 27 years of misery have finally been absolved and at the Age of 32 I will finally clutch my definition of complete happiness which to me is being able to provide a happy life in a happy city for my wife and kids while never having to stress about money and how Bills and payments will be payed and of coarse making sure my little princess and little man never have to feel the 20 some years of stress I subjected myself to through bad choices.

Well that's all I can really think to put here.
We will see how this goes in the near future.
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Thank you Matt for the follow and many blessings to you here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). One of the first things you will need to do in order to start your very own website business is to choose a niche to make your business about.

A lot of newbies have problems deciding on a niche for their website. A niche can be anything and I know you are involved in many different niches every single day. We all are. The tutorial at the below link will give you some niche ideas. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section of the training and I will be happy to help you.

Hey Jason I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my story and offering help if needed. I will definitely keep that in mind and won't hesitate to reach out when the time comes.

The support from you and the rest of the community is appreciated and second to non.
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Don't mention it!
JasonHeard Premium
Hello Matthew, welcome to WA!

I'm Jason and I believe you just joined through my website Extra Paycheck Online.

I am here to help you get started and to personally help you along the way to establishing a successful online business.

But first, I recommend you set up your profile if you haven't already. This can be done by:

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To get started with the first lesson, simply click the green Get Started Here option (left-hand menu) or try the link below: This is the first lesson and is an introduction to the platform here and soon you will be learning how you can expect to earn money and even begin building your own website, all within these lessons.

If you have any questions or feel 'stuck' anywhere, just ask.

Myself or some of the other members of this community will be around to help.

It's good to have you here Matthew. Don't forget to begin the first lesson!

- Jason

PS. Feel free to say hi so that I know you made it OK and I will get back to you ASAP.

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