Success isn't measured in stuff

Last Update: Jun 14, 2017


If you have used Instagram or are a member of groups on Facebook about making money etc online, you will more than likely come across a few folks whose every post is a picture of a case full of cash, an airplane, a bugatti or similarly impressive vehicle. Then a big old quote in fancy writing from a very wealthy successful businessperson.

I don't know about you, but it infuriates me. It is disingenuous.

Success isn't measured in stuff. Its measured in happiness. If you are unhappy, but you have a bugatti, you are still unhappy.

Its a common misconception though isn't it? You will always hear someone commenting on so and so's house and how large it is and how lucky they are and how they'd love to have that sort of money.

My goals

when I first started here, as a great number of you will have done also, I added my goals to a post by Kyle. I said I'd be happy with £200.

Yep. That's it.

Why you might ask.

Because I realise that with money comes a different set of problems. Yeah your money issues are over, but other stuff takes its place. I just want to be financially comfortable.

so, why am I here

I'm here because I want to :

  • learn new skills
  • Have a blog about subjects I love
  • Make money on the side to ensure financial security for my family.

I get it you know. I see tesla cars driving down the street and salivate. I've wanted an oled TV for the longest time, but for goodness sake, its a THING.

If my kids and partner are happy, we don't have to stand in a supermarket counting up how much I can spend,that's my job done.

So I guess that's my rant over. In summary, here is the message I'm trying to get across :

Aim to be happy, not to be rich.

Recent Comments


Great post Matt! And so true. I agree with you.


Hi Mat, a super post. Be happy it is not a race. Irv.

Too true, Irv! Thanks

Great message Mat.

I've never had lots of money so wouldn't know what problems they could possibly have lol.

I do know it is an addiction rather than a cure for unhappiness.
Honestly, I value your message ! Quality of life - Not quantity in life is my motto.

Here's to being comfortable enough to enjoy the freedom to travel and the means to give ourselves and family a better quality of life.

Gratitude for sharing.


Thanks alot Dan, thats exactly how I see things. Theres a saying I came across a while back:

To make rich people work harder , pay them more money; To make poor people work harder, pay them less.

I think thats telling, don`t you?

Hey Mat,

I heard something very profound by a famous entrepreneur, He said " I am not a self made man, I couldn't have made it with the help of others. " Many rich people forget they did not get there alone.

My idea of success is to work towards making your own dreams come true instead of working everyday to make your boss's dream come true. :-/

I would love to be rich just to give money away. That would really give me lasting happiness.

Nice post Mathew, I liked it! Let's to be happy instead of reach this time! ;)


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