Scheduling Your Time

Last Update: April 12, 2017

Just over 3 months here (and just under 3 months with my website) and I am starting to realise that I have gone about things in a totally haphazard way. I have written posts as and when I can, snatching any moment to write a bit here and there.

I don`t have to tell you why this is silly.

I have not approached my website like a job, more like a hobby and now I am just starting to see some traction on social media, I need some structure to my week to help me to schedule my time.

Whats involved?

So, although I am not doing it yet, I have an initial plan to start in a week or so. Starting it on a Monday just makes sense to me.

  • Monday: Research keywords and products to review
  • Tuesday: Narrow down and select item or subject to cover
  • Wednesday:In depth research on the item selected including if needed photos or pictures.
  • Thursday:Outline article including 1st draft.
  • Friday: Continue work on article.
  • Saturday:Finish article up
  • Sunday: Promote on social media.


This is just a draft plan, but weaving all this around my 9-5 day job, two kids and a partner will need a bit of work, and overall I think I need to stay flexible. Without flexibiity, I may find myself failing.

Thanks for reading all, This is more for my own reference but if it helps you, please let me know!

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AGOgden Premium
Indeed...schedule your time or your time will schedule you!...and it is the one fact of the human condition we cannot retrieve...
Matstabler Premium
Absolutely! I thought by compartmentalising my time in this way would stop me panicking about getting an article done every week. Why sit down and relax with a coffee in front of the TV when you can relax with a coffee and research your next article.

Coincidentally, thats what I am doing now!
AGOgden Premium
I completely understand!...Press On!
kasage00 Premium
I am approaching my websites like a job and not so much like a hobby
Matstabler Premium
That's exactly what we all should do! And up to now I think I was complacent.
KayL Premium
This is great! Thank you for sharing!
Matstabler Premium
You are welcome :)
amgolf Premium
Thank you for your draft plan
After I have not plan, I realize that "NOT plan is plan to failure"
Matstabler Premium