First full year summary: $2000 made online from 33 sources

Last Update: January 07, 2020

Hi WA friends!

It's time to summarize 2019, as it was the first full year of running my blog.

I joined WA in May 2018, bought my domain MoCashForYou in June. Later on I opened an account on Pinterest and created a Facebook page.

My niche is about money - ways to save and make money online, financial apps etc. Just being in this niche pushed me to discover new apps and sites that make money.

In 2019, more than 30 sites and apps paid me, including WA, Adsense, affiliate portals, surveys, grocery scanning apps and more.

In total I made about $2,300 and spent about $320 (WA membership and domain). In addition, I've got hundreds of free items, from toys to kitchen gadgets, clothes and shoes (I wrote about it in my blog as well). I don't have time to check how much all this worth, but probably several thousands as well.

Out of this income, more than $1,200 can be classified as my blog income for sure.

Some sites I use pay me not only for my activity (receipt scanning, for example) but also for referrals, so it's not easy to distinguish.

The rest of the income could be earned without the blog, just by using my time online. It's something anyone can do.

Unfortunately I don't have too much time to spend on my blog, so my productivity was not high - only 19 posts in 2019 (LOL, just noticed the ironic similarity of the numbers).

The best money making posts are .... guess what?

Yes, reviews!

All other stuff that I like to write about finance doesn't make money.

Looks I have to chose between writing profitable reviews or having more fun expressing my thoughts.


Hope for better 2020. Maybe 20 posts? :-)

Wishing all my WA friends an exciting year of learning and making money.


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FlorianFis Premium
Congratulations Mary!

Making 2000$ out of the internet in the first year is - in my opinion - a phantastic number! Reading posts like your post inspires me and helps me to keep up the speed of making it into the world of affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and all the best wishes to you!
annezarra Premium Plus
Mary-Thanks for all the info on your blog income. Very inspiring and a big congratulations to you! It can be done. I will follow behind you and keep track so I can do a post next year this time. Way to go! I look forward to following your successes! ANNE Z
MaryFRM Premium
Thank you, Anne!
Swangirl Premium
Congratulations Mary! You made money and that is the goal. It sounds like you are on the right track and if you add more content you can do even better in 2020. You are doing well! You made more than me too.

I actually made less in 2019 than I did in 2018 because I lost some of my WA commissions but I made more money from my niche sites through Amazon so I am happy about that. I only made $523 from them and I was definitely hoping for a bit more but hey it's still forward progress since I made $378 from them the year before. I am on the sloooow track.

I was very busy with my job, our rental business etc. this year however and didn't put much time into my sites. If I can still make a profit while doing other things I certainly can't complain. My $1000 profit after WA membership etc. last year showed that this is possible and if I put more time in I can do well. Most of my traffic and sales are organic so I just need to add more content. It is great to know those posts are visible 24/7 even if I don't do anything for a few days or weeks. I have to be careful though since I have left my sites alone for too long in the past and my rankings all start to tank. If I am just a bit more consistent I should be able to maintain steady growth.

Happy 2020!
MaryFRM Premium
Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your inputs.
My Amazon income was maybe $10 from random sales (not what I linked), as I absolutely not focus on it.
My best income streams are referral programs.
The point is, we know how to do it. It's the lack of time that prevents bigger income.
Jukkah Premium
That's absolutely great results for 19 posts! Did you use any paid traffic?

I'm asking this because I've been here around the same time and I just started making money on my other site around this July. It's now consistently making around $100/month. I created 99 posts on it last year so I feel a bit short on income here :D

"Looks I have to chose between writing profitable reviews or having more fun expressing my thoughts." This resonated with me. I found the same thing to be true. I have some really long posts I've truly out done myself and they are not even ranking while reviews go to the first page. Go figure...
MaryFRM Premium
In total, I have 42 posts (2018 and 2019).
I don't use any paid traffic. It's mostly Google traffic plus some FB.
YourBizTips Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress in 2019. Although you do not have much to show for cash-wise, I am really impressed with the value of the free items that you have received, in a way it counts as cash income as you did not have to buy them.

I have also been in accounts most of my working life which makes me to understand where my perfectionist mind comes from which is a bit of a handicap when it comes to writing content as it takes me far too long to reach the point where I can say "great, it's done!".

I also have several sites. One of them is on a topic I like to talk about (health related), promoting Amazon products, but the income is very little. Another one which is a "best of" Amazon products reviews kind of site, which is more profitable, but I don't have that much pleasure writing for. And of course, one that promotes WA and affiliate products reviews. Unfortunately, this is my major website, with loads and loads of content, but guess what? It is not very productive as it has some issues with some bot attacks since about six months. Support has been working on it ever since and cannot get it to work yet. So, I can't work on it for the time being.

Anyway, I wish you the very best of success for the new year and I am looking forward to seeing your progress report for 2020.

MaryFRM Premium
Thanks, John
You'll figure it out at the end, I hope.
Can't imagine doing 3 websites. I'm barely on one...