I Did a Thing! First Amazon Sale

Last Update: September 06, 2018

Today is 4 Months into my journey here at WA and as I do almost everyday, I checked my Amazon Associates. I have been getting an increasing amount of clicks from organic traffic and today finally I recieved my first sale through one of my affiliate links!! 1 click 2 items ordered !!

So Stoked!! So Motivated!! The system works peeps. If I can do 1 sale I just need to replicate that and I can do 1000 sales!!

Thank you WA!!

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Congrat for your first sell
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, congrats on your first of many sales!
Marlasmith Premium
Congratulations. What a wonderful feeling. Hope there are many more.
Tricia1611 Premium
Yay! You did a thing! :D Congrats!
Cambell1308 Premium
Awesome work Marvin, onwards and upwards :)