Emma's Eyes update 2

Last Update: Feb 23, 2017


Thanks so much for those that continue to pray for our grandbaby, Emma. If you don't know she was diagnosed with tumors behind her eyes at her 9 month checkup.
The support and prayer has been such a blessing.

She just had her exam after her first treatment and the tumors have all shrunk. The largest ones behind her left eye were significantly smaller. Prayer truly does change things as we have been getting encouraging reports since so many have been praying for Emma, my son Rob, and his wife Sarah.

Here is the link to their GoFundme page that includes updates: https://www.gofundme.com/for-emmas-eyes


Recent Comments


I wish Emma every success, good lick to you all.


Thank you, John:-)

Praising God for the great news and
Wishing Emma full recovery

Thank you, Juliet. Emma is in the Lord's hands.

I am so happy to hear this.That is great news.

Hi Roopesh, thanks for stopping by. I hope for more good reports:-)

Really happy to hear this. God works wonders.

Thanks for your concern. Your prayers are appreciated and God does work wonders.

Thoughts and prayers for you and your family, Marty. Wishing little Emma a full and speedy recovery.
Kind regards

Thank you, Rich,
your prayers are appreciated and make a difference:-)

Wonderful news! PTL!

PTL indeed, thank you for stopping by:-)

I pray for Emma, and the beautiful family that supports her.

Thank you, Anne and many blessings to you!

I have a granddaughter Emma. I am so grateful and behind you on this Marty!

Thanks so much Mike. When something like this happens you know how much they mean to you:-)

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