are we civilised

Last Update: September 05, 2015

I was really down when I asked myself that question

I had seen my crying looking at the screen of her laptop

my god I could not believe what I was looking at,

It was a photo of a child washed up on a beach

You have probably seen and read about what is happening

to the Syrian refugees but that picture on Facebook

aaffected every fibre of my BEING

how could I feel positive in what I was doing after

seeing that I felt like just giving up

but instead I put a post on my website

asking people not to say that it was God will

because it is not

that is the easy way out

I asked the ninety five percent of people

that are followers to become leaders instead

to lead with your heart and soul

With love harmony and caring and sharing in their hearts

it will only take fifty one present of people

to do this and we will change the world for the better

if you could check it out on my website

and make a comment or suggestion

I would be grateful

Thanking you


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justeileen Premium
Hello again,
I visited your website. Very inspiring. I left you two comments. :)

I would like to know more about this statement:
"At age of 42 she was pregnant again and she told us that this God was calling her home at the time I truly believed her I know now that she was mistaken but that’s another story that I will share for anyone who is interested."

What was that about?

Thank you,

Eileen <><
Martintoal1 Premium
Thanks so much for your kind words,
My mother was a small woman and she had to deliver
by caesarean section, after two children she was told
not to have anymore children she had another seven
at 42 she was pregnant again
she always believed that God and her doctor who always
done the delivery would take care of her,
the doctor died when she was two months into her pregnancy
and she took that as a sign from God that her time here was over
I now know that God was not calling her that it was just her mind and her beliefs that made it so.
You have the power to choose your life my mother just did not know that.
Hope this answers your question

Thanking you,

justeileen Premium
Ah, I understand now. :) Our mind is more powerful than most people understand. We need to control our thoughts.

Thank you!
CarolynR Premium
moving words, totally agree.
Martintoal1 Premium
Thanks so much I appreciate it
PJonline Premium
Hi, Martin, I left a message on your website.. I almost couldnt find the button, but, I don't like buttons either. I found Hero social widget and put mine down in a footer actually.. I will move it again someday i am sure...
I really love you message, Martin, and yours words moved me here... Are we human or are we dancers?.. is a current song.... I pray we would dance... Have a good day... People like you make the world a better place... I like Willie , too!
Martintoal1 Premium
Thanks you so much for that
I love that song to pity about the name of the band
the killers?
PJonline Premium
I agree. I thought it was an oxymoron. I played the song a few times after I left you a message.. But didn't care for anything else they played much..