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your mind must be like a parachute, if a parachute does not open up it's of no use to you, the same is true of your mind, if you keep it closed you are standing still, and not fulfilling your life purpose of moving forward.To take control of your mind, you must first take responsibility for everything in your life. That's right you and only you are responsible for everything that has happened in your life, every circumstance and outcome has been because of the way that you were thinking, so cha
September 05, 2015
I was really down when I asked myself that questionI had seen my crying looking at the screen of her laptopmy god I could not believe what I was looking at,It was a photo of a child washed up on a beach You have probably seen and read about what is happeningto the Syrian refugees but that picture on Facebookaaffected every fibre of my BEINGhow could I feel positive in what I was doing afterseeing that I felt like just giving upbut instead I put a post on my websiteasking people not to say that
August 23, 2015
I am moving forward slowly I am normally a tortoiseat doing things but in creating my website and doing the trainingI am a tortoise on a simmerframe as always I will get thereI am very grateful for the help and encouragement that I receivehere a big thank you to all the community at wealthyaffilateThanking youMartin