Something Bad That WA Helped Fix For Me!

Last Update: September 24, 2018

Hey there!

Firt off I want to applogize to anyone who visitied my site during the time period that I faced this issue. What was the issue?

Well that's what this post is about so keep reading so that you will know EXACTLY what to do if it happens to you! :)

It Started A Couple of Weeks Ago...

I first started experiencing this problem about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I lose track of times sometimes between being busy with my business and keeping up with all my daughter's threenager antics @_@

Intermission for a little chuckle: The other day my daughter took her Frozen push car (the kind the child sits on and drives by pushing and pulling with their feet) and dragged it up the swingset stairs (the bar kind). I looked up right at the very moment she had it at the top of the slide putting her leg up to ride it DOWN THE SLIDE!! Did I ever jump up and tell her to get her little but down. But it doesn't end there. She went on to explain to me between real English and 'baby babbling' what she was doing and that I didn't have to worry since she knew what she was doing. At that point I just busted out laughing but got her down, lol @_@;;;

Hopefully that at least put a smile on your face, haha ^^;

Anyways, what was happening on my site was that when I would click on links it would forward to random ads. This would happen both on the front end and in my back office.

It was also happening on my cell phone and tablet. So of course, that's not supposed to be happening and I knew something was up.

Changes I Recently Made To The Site

My first suspicion was that it was something that had changed with the site. I hadn't installed much plugins and even if I did, I tend to use the same ones so if it was a plugin I'd expect to be experiencing the issue on another site but I wasn't.

So I put that in the back of my mind.

My next suspicion was maybe it had something to do with switching WA servers. I have good faith in the security systems here at WA but I don't expect anything to be perfect.

I was having issues with the email system associated with this site so the lovely people at support switched it to another server.

I'm not sure why I just didn't contact support right away but I ended up asking the WA community first.

Journey To My Site's Solution

First of all, I want to say that this community is awesome. I love the fact that I can post a question and have it answered in a matter of minutes or a couple of hours tops.

I don't think that I've ever waited more than a day for an answer or even half a day for tham matter.

Anyways, I posted a question asking you what the issue might be that could be causing the popups.

Some said that I might have a virus on my computer but that wouldn't explain why it was happening on all my devices. I usually don't use wifi so it couldn't be network related either.

So I kept reading responses since I was pretty sure I didn't have the virus.

Then some others reached out to me about experiencing or seeing other members who were experiencing the same issue.

What happened was that my site got a virus! :O

The EASY Solution

This is the part I loved the best. If I was building my site on my own hosting I would probably have to figure this out on my own.

It would be inconvenient in a number of ways, the biggests being that I would have to take a lot of time to figure out how to remove the virus and resecure my site.

Actually, I probably would have had to do a lot of troubleshooting in the first place to figure out that it was a virus.

Then I would have had to find software or hire someone to remove viruses from websites.

Just to let you know, the low end price for that is ~$25/month and can go upwards of $180 to have someone remove the virus for you.

As members of WA, we only pay $49/mo for virus removal, hosting, training and more! So if you've ever doubted it before, this alone will help you to see the immense value you are receiving here.

Paying on your own for hosting and your site's virus protection on your own can cost you nearly the same price and there's no need to say that paying for the training you get here can cost you multiple hundred to thousands of dollars.

So since I'm with WA, as a premium member, I don't have to worry about any of the above.

All I had to do was shoot a quick message to support and they took care of the issue for me! :)

So there was no time lost from my business and I was still able to go out and spend the afternoon with my daughter eating cotton candy ice cream and doing lots of fun stuff together.

Has This Effected My Trust In WA?

I have to address this question because I feel it is an important issue to talk about. Some people get bent out of shape when something happens or goes wrong.

The truth is that nothing is perfect and I like that even WA acknowledges this fact which is why they're constantly looking to improve this platform.

Another variable to this issue is that hackers, virus creators, spammers and other people who create malicious programs are always figuring out ways to get over security systems. Then the security system developers work to block the new malicious programs.

This is a back and forth struggle between good versus evil.

Seeing as I understand this, I didn't get annoyed to find out my site had a virus. I didn't get angry that I had to contact support to remove it.

AND I haven't lost faith in the Wealthy Affiliate system because of this one thing that didn't go my way.

I've been a member for 2 years and this is one of the few 'bad' experiences that I've had. I've gained so much more value that it is forgiveable one way or the other.

I didn't lose any information on my site but then I did wonder how it affected my search rankings and people landing on my site.

I will send out an appology to my e-mail list but other than that, I guess I just need to keep creating content now that this issue is solved.

So if you are experiencing weird things happening with your site, just shoot siteSupport a message and they'll take care of it for you!

I hope this info has helped you and please share with everyone who has a site because awareness will help them resolve their issue even faster if it happens to them. Hopefully it doesn't but you never know! :)

Talk to you later.


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BillandSue Premium
Hi Marlinda,
We have had a few tech issues and Site Support was fantastic.

When we consider what you said about the "forces of evil" who are always trying to get around security systems, it shows how good Site Support really is.

I am glad everything worked out good for you. There is nothing in the world that is good, helpful and friendly as Wealthy Affiliate is.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Marlinda, really enjoyed reading your insights. There are always things that can trip is up, and we are indeed fortunate to have site support, I think a lot of folks may miss the of taking advantage of their experience and expertise.
It would be really interesting to see how many calls they take on average, per day.
JosieWales Premium
WA Support rules! So glad you got your site fixed up and thanks for posting about it so the rest of us know what to do if our sites start doing the same.
Loes Premium
Life with a website is never dull, Marlinda ;)
lcohen98 Premium
Marlinda, I'm glad your situation turned out good. Sometimes bad things happen and you just have to say "I will fix it no matter what". But a lot of times WA will be there to help you. I'm currently having a problem setting up my gravatar and I may need to just fix it myself. That happens today no matter what. Look forward .