Selecting a Niche - Why is This So Hard?

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Why Is Niche Selection So Hard?

It has been brought to my attention by a person who I will not mention that they feel WA does not provide enough training for Niche Selection.

Being a Premium Member here at WA this gave me the first thoughts of lashing back at the person defending our wonderful platform.

However, I did not do that, but instead decided to do some research to see if this person's claim had any merit.

Going through the training: Level 1 – Lesson 3 - Choose a Niche – “Online Entrepreneur Certification” – Over a 17-minute video from co-owner, Kyle, of Wealthy Affiliate.

True, this might not be a long-drawn-out video but in my opinion I do think that Kyle covers the basics of Niche Selection in terms all can understand.

Next, I tried searching for any training that was done by the Premium Members in the community and found: The Five P’s Of Niche Selection And Profitability – An 8-page Lesson.

Honestly take the time to read this about Niches you will find the most useful information in an 8-page Lesson ever.

My next search went to finding Blog Posts written by Premium Members here I found not one but four great posts covering "Selecting a Niche"

False Claims

Writing this today after responding to the person that there was absolutely no merit to the claim that WA does, in fact, provide enough training on Niche Selection, what is the first thing I see in Live Chat?

A new member asking about Niche Selection! :)

With experience comes the understanding of niche selection where we forget what it was like when we began our journey into the online world.

Even today with the experience of nine months I still at times have trouble with the online language that is spoken.

Correct we do speak a language in the online world that others do not use or understand making it difficult to communicate with outsiders.

I started to watch the faces of my family and friends when I realized things I was talking about on my website or WA. They were seriously were not listening because they had no clue what I was saying.

Some members might find this quite funny and in a way so do I. But it made me realize as I am posting to my websites that people have no clue what I am saying to them.

Food for Thought

When new members come into the Live Chat area if you have the experience to help them solve the problem they came looking for a solution to - take the time to help them.

Referring them back to the training at times is not the right thing to do. Some of those new members may have already watched Kyle's video 2 or 3 times due to the language barrier they are not comprehending what is being taught.

Personally, I have taken the time to send PM's to the new members who are Premium which include screenshots explaining each step in detail.

Why? The screens that are displayed in the training are changed and different today making it impossible for new members to follow along.

Seeing Premium Members ask/tell a new member in Live Chat to go back to the training after asking a question or telling them "this is what you are paying for" is not only upsetting to me but I feel gives our community the air that we do not want to help them.

All the experienced I have gained along with the skills and knowledge learned there is still much more that I do not know.

Should someone come in Live Chat that I cannot answer because I do not know the answer or do not have the experience my simple answer is "Sorry, I cannot help you maybe another more experienced member will be in shortly." Or I refer them to a member I know can help them.

In writing this blog post the only regret is the members I have seen do this will not be the ones to read it! Which is a shame due to they will continue giving the answers they do now.

In Conclusion

Although this really has nothing to do with Niche Selection please remember KARMA will come back around to those who are guilty of what I wrote about above.

For any new members reading this having problems with Niche Selection my PM box is always open I offer my service to help anyone who requests help.

There are times I may not know the answers but there are other members who I deal with that finding these answers for you is not impossible we will work together and solve the issue!

WA is a community based affiliate marketing platform to benefit all its members equally, please if you are willing to help new members to so with kindness and respect.

As adults in a business world I do not feel this is too much to ask. When an outsider points out to me they feel WA does not provide enough training for members I want to be able to find the facts here to prove them WRONG. Just like I did this time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today.

Please show some gratitude for our wonderful community by hitting the LIKE button.

Thank you, best wishes, and blessings to you all,


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Thank you for this post.

I would just like to add, that the niche selection is hard because as a beginner you have no idea what you are selecting, in fact.

You might understand the subject matter, but you are not familiar with writing posts about that niche, nor how to promote it or where.

So the best advice regarding choosing a niche is that the first choice should not be taken as the final or the last choice in niches.

(Also, any niche can be profitable, but a beginner does not know that.)

So, it's good to tell people to just start, not waste months on deciding which niche to choose. They'll discover if they like it or can work in it only when the work has begun. It's never too late to change it and go for something else.

This is why, I think, Kyle doesn't dwell too long on this and I totally agree.


Yes, this is so true. The niche I started with I ended up throwing
in the trash it was not me!

Realizing that you can always change direction is a good
point to make. Never stay in a niche that does not fit!

Thank you and best wishes,

A good post, the selection of the wrong niche can lead to a massive loss of time and effort, Alan

True, but if you feel that way then getting out once you realize
this is best. As a matter of fact, I threw my first niche selection
in the trash along with all that work. It was not for me.

Best wishes,

I think you said some things that needed to be said, Susan. We all tend to forget our own struggles, once they are over, but if we think about it, we can recall times when we were totally baffled and needed help. We need to encourage and support.


Thank you, my friend, as always correct you are. After being
here for a few months we come to know enough to communicate
in a new language. We forget that at one time we had a
difficult time talking to experienced members.

Best wishes,

This is an awesome post!! I still struggle with some of the Online Language...
Kindness and help go a long way...

Hi, honey, good to see you. I do also, even after all this time
I go look up things that I am not familiar with LOL
Best wishes take care,

This is wonderful. I am currently trying to find my niche for my business and it is tricky! I feel the training is very comprehensive though :)

Thank you, and we have a community of experienced members
here that are always willing to help :)
Best wishes,

All good points. Thank you for taking the time to research the niche posts and share some good ones here.

Thank you, I did include those in my response to the person
who left the comment :)
WA offers so much in helping us all, I have no idea where a
person could think or state otherwise.
Best wishes,

Hi Susan, great to see you here. Excellent post, what could anyone ask for. Obviously you have spent a fair bit of time weighing the merits of the quest being asked, and provided the best answer possible. Thank you,

You are. as always, way to thoughtful in responding to my posts,
I will defend WA to anyone who feels our community is not the
absolute best there is.
We have the best training available with no hidden costs, when
WA says join for FREE they mean FREE and supply us with
the tools needed to do the job.
Thank you for always supporting me, Michael, dear,
Best wishes,

Like it or not you got me as you friend forever. I will always be grateful for the help you always offer.

You are very dear to me, do not forget this! I am always here
to help when possible. By the way, your site is turning around
and looks great I am very proud of you! Never quit!
Blessings (E-Hug)

Without you Susie nothing would have been possible. I spent another sleepless night, trying to fix errors on my site. Broke down about 6 AM and kept sending site support tickets. Their patience with me and their help has been great. This is embarrassing to say but, I do believe I am among friends here. Trying to fix these errors there was a significant thing that has been missed for six months. I found out through accident I guess. Working with Bing i see all these crawl errors and my original site rubix came popping up. 500
+ crawl errors. Click to view site and it was the original. Looked through their tutorials and how to fix all of this sounded easy enough. Give me a car and there is nothing I can not fix, give me a problem on this Internet and I just crash land. Around 12:00 PM I crashed on the couch. I know I have a lot to learn. After several months i started doing a new post on the essential's of meditation. Yes Susan I still have your notes which I often refer to. I think this post will be a good one. I still have a lot of research to do still. I do practice yoga and meditation but my gosh this meditation thing is almost a health necessity.
The Bestestest E-hug to you Susan.
I am not responsible for speling errors, someone switched the letters around my keyboard. That's my story and I am sticking to it

They sure did that happens to me too! Do not worry I still
can read the whole comment - if it were not for Grammarly
my spelling would be atrocious!
Thank you for all the support you show me,
Bless you my dear (E-Hugs)

My dear marley: Think what you like and make a list. Then think; out of that list, what would make you happy to get involved in one of the items of that list. If you need more help, contact me please.

I did not write this post for myself, but others who feel we do not
cover Niche Selection in our training as well as it should be
covered. Defending WA comes from deep in my heart for the
love of this community.
Thank you and best wishes,

Then let my information be used by others. If the newcomers ask for help; I will help thru the thinking process to get a niche. Here at WA, some members are better in computer, or online marketing or website processes. We are a family and we should help each other. All they have to do is ask the community. May God bless the members of WA.

Good morning, in my opinion and for being here at wa for the past year everything that one needs to come to the conclusion in what they want their website to be about is already Within their selves, if they will look for it. All the training that is needed is here, with all of the selections that we have, it should not be a problem, to come up with the conclusion in what one wants his or her website to be. Also in my opinion I believe help is always here at wa if one wants it, if they would only reach out to the community and asks the question. may Prosperity be with you

Exactly my point! Finding out that others want to bash our
wonderful community does not sit well with me. I help all
those that ask. Just what I do :)
Thank you for confirming that my feelings are well represented
here inside WA,
Best wishes,

My thoughts exactly :))

I am agreeing with you 100% and I know you helped all that request and so do I have a beautiful one

That is our wonderful community paying it forward! Thank you
and bless you,

In my opinion niche selection is easy. Simply choose what you LOVE to do. Something we Are passionate about and follow your heart. Cheers AJ

Sweetie, where have you been hiding? Guess you could say
the same to me. I agree, but for some, this is not the case.
We speak in a language that most are not familiar with. The
person that I was referring to actually left a comment on my
website about our training in niche selection.

Thank you for the support as always, my friend,

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