How To Increase Your Amazon Clicks

Last Update: May 23, 2019

Anyone who is using Amazon as an affiliate really just hopes that our readers click through to our Amazon links. Amazon has spent millions and millions of dollars on marketing efforts, so if we can get our readers to Amazon, Amazon will do a great job of turning shoppers into buyers.

If you can get creative when you are presenting your links to Amazon, you have a better chance of increasing your Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to present to you different ways to incorporate your Amazon links to help you get your readers to get off your article and start shopping at Amazon.

Create A Comparison Chart

Creating a chart on your website is very easy to do with the TablePress plugin. TablePress will allow you to create whatever size you need and allows you to add Amazon links right within the chart. (If you have questions with TablePress, let me know.)

A comparison chart will let your readers see several options all in one location, making it easier for them to see which product they should be focusing on for their needs. It will help them decide which product is right for them.

I recommend not giving your readers too many options. You will have better results if you keep your choices from 3 to 5 products rather than 7 to 10 products. Too many products might just confuse them more and make them realize that they aren't ready to purchase yet, since they can't pick the best product.

What To Include In Chart

When you are creating your comparison chart, make sure to include the product name (I would link this directly to the product on Amazon), include a pricing structure ($, $$, $$$, $$$$), and different metrics that the reader can sort by. These could include sizes, range, and different features that they can use to compare the different products.

When you are including pricing, don't put the exact price as that will violate the Amazon rules. I would either use the dollar symbols like I did above or you could use under $50, under $100, etc.

When using TablePress, you can even include a picture directly with the product name to help your readers know what exactly your are talking about.


There are many different paths that we can take when including Amazon Affiliate links within our posts. Our end goal is to increase your Amazon Affiliate earnings. By getting creative with your links, your readers aren't going to see the same stuff that they see on every other website, and might be more curious and click your links.

Watch for other tips coming your way soon.

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That's an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
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Great guidance and definitely looking at TablePress!
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TablePress is so easy to use. I was able to figure it all out by myself, and I am not that skilled.
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Thanks for pointing that out.
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You are welcome.
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Great tip
I am looking forward to what next you have to say
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Thank you for sharing this information. I would love to hear from you soon and apply it to my site. God bless you.