Freedom "that first set of wheels"

Last Update: June 11, 2020

"Freedom" it's a word we take for granted, however not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it. The struggle is on going, somebody or department is constantly trying to undermine our right to freedom, of speech, of thought, of movement. This is always our battle, examine every action that threatens that right and stand up for the right to exist.

Heavy I know, my first taste of freedom like so many others Im sure was really when that school bell rang on the last day of secondary school and there was a sudden realization that school was over and now what we had been waiting for had actually arrived. We were free to do what we wanted.

This adulation of freedom soon faded when we realized we now had to earn a living to survive in the world. No longer would the safety net of home be certain. We had grown up oblivious of ourselves and the thought of this freedom was actually scary.

The unknown is scary but still worth the leap if faith as to move forward is to live and thrive while standing still is to die, if not physically then in your heart soul and mind. Around that age most of us couldn't wait to get behind the wheel of some sort of car, the open road, being able to come and go as we pleased, no begging for lifts the open road and speed, the trill, real freedom for the first time.

Mine came in the shape of a 1971 bright yellow VW Beetle, no power house but it got you there. I know it was like driving a large yellow budgie. If that car could talk the stories would fill a book, It was resprayed, crashed straightened , resprayed, it's 1200 cc engines sw

apped out for the 1600 cc that came in the1302 model. We put large speakers and a mod radio in it at the time and loads of other daft modifications, finished off with a 6-foot fiberglass aerial that wobbled about everywhere like mad. What a site, but we had great creak (not the drug) in that car

Friends would complain that they had pounding headaches the morning after a night out,not from drink but from the noise of ACDC or Iron Maiden belting it out at 3 in the morning coming home from a nightclub . These cars were so unreliable but that was the crack, The conversations and stories the were made up when we would have to walk home after it broke down, If we were within a few miles of home a mottly crew would think it a good idea to push it home midst laughing and screeching and the romance."Freedom" I will always equate that car to some of the happiest and maddest and innocent time of my life, learning how to survive and stand on my own two feet.

Every day we are lucky enough to be free to make choices and act on them, We made a choice to start our own business and be free of the hamster wheel, It's not easy but freedom is not easy won in any account. Fight for your freedom if you see it being eroded, put in the work and gain that financial freedom that you want so bad. Remember don't quite,put one step after another and like the last day of school success and freedom will come when least expected.

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
? Jim Morrison

"Sucess and freedom"



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Inta1 Premium
Cilvēks vienmēr ir saistīts ar pārējiem kā arī to ietekmē apstākļi. Daudz kas no tiem ir atkarīgs Pilnīgi brīvs ir tikai vējš Tas ne no kā nav atkarīgs Mēs esam atkarīgi no tā Cilvēks ir brīvs savas domas bet pārējā ir jārēķinās vienmēr ar kaut ko
Ristina121 Premium
Enjoyed this. Takes me back to the early 70 and the vw beetle. I still remember the reg.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Great one, Mark! loved the old Beetles, I had a couple back in my 20s!

LisaBusche Premium
REading your post made my mind go back to "Braveheart" FREEDOM!!! :) getting real time :)
GazBower Premium
What an excellent post Mark.
I have gone through everyone of those emotions and even now in my 60's I am still looking for that sense of true freedom.
My next phase, is that upon retirement I will buy a camper van and travel the length and width of the UK (to start with) and mix it up by using camp sites and wild sites, the vision is to wake up somewhere different every day hopefully with a splendid view as I throw open the back doors of the van... On The Road Again... blaring from the mp3 player.... 😎
I am here at WA to make things like this a reality.
Will it make me happy and give me the sense of freedom I have always dreamed of?

I don't have the foggiest idea, but I am willing to give it a go.

Best wishes and stay safe.
Hi Gaz that's the spirit too many fall into the trap of retirement and give up we have to always push on with something new I always believe think it and make it a reality enjoy the lifestyle and people you will meet good luck in your marketing career thanks for the nice response and keep in touch I'm only across the water Galway
Regards mark
EMcCrac Premium
Yes, I remember telling friends that I would not spend my retirement years in a rocking chair on the front poach.