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"Freedom" it's a word we take for granted, however not everyone is fortunate enough to experience it. The struggle is on going, somebody or department is constantly trying to undermine our right to freedom, of speech, of thought, of movement. This is always our battle, examine every action that threatens that right and stand up for the right to exist. Heavy I know, my first taste of freedom like so many others Im sure was really when that school bell rang on the last day of secondary school an
June 01, 2020
"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye."Helen KellerSelf preservation, happiness and personal sanity was never more relevant for our personal health as in the current world environment. During a conversation a friend gave me a golden bit of advice that I feel worth passing on to you all. It starts with the learning the power of saying "NO" and implementing the "4% rule refers to it as a life changer when it comes to mental health and well-being. Saying "n
May 25, 2020
“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it" Dorothy M. NeddermeyerLife as we know it is unfortunately full of stress and anxiety, due to many causes, pressure of career, family issues or our own characteristics that leave us prone to these feelings. Life can be a dark place for many when getting so wrapped up in the obstacles that cloud our vision and outlook. It doesn't need to be that way, we have to always try remember that no matter how ha
May 10, 2020
Something to ponder this morning. A said I operate a garage and car sales business which can be very stressful if you let it, dealing with customers wants and problems as well as physically diagnosing issues, particularly in new electronics. Any way I have a lot of friends in the same of all ages and one of these guys came to mind this morning , when I tripped over above all things a measuring tape. The yarn I want to share with ye occurred a few years back now and started out with John (not h
May 09, 2020
We wish and dream but fail to act or reconise opportunities presented to us, spending a lot of time looking back over our shoulder regretting having missed the boat. Start saying yes to things and see the positivity grow around you, be a "Yes Man" .Ever wish you were a child againNo worries.No mortgages.No career.No bills.No tax.No arguments with partner.No racing around trying to get things done.My crew today chilled out in the sunContentedHappyRelaxedFreeLiving the dream (but don't know it)Sa
The lists are endless at the moment, ye all know what I'm talking about. You bought the house or apartment some time back and over time that lack of enthusiasm to attack that elephant in the room has ment it has stayed in the room glaring and shouting at you every time you walk in, "Come on get me sorted" Well if nothing else the Covid 19 is responsible for an awful lot of elephants being sorted out. That bloody list is endless and so are the hazardsPainting- Your self or the floor is covered
Nature is smashing all the same I didn't realize what I was missing until the last few weeks stopped the world and suddenly the skies were that blue that I remember from child hood, lying in a field killing time and staring up at the fluffy clouds, trying to see a strange animal shape in them, peace and tranquility. When I was about seven, I would accompanied my father and brother to the bog on Saturdays to cut turf with the slane, that's a hand held implement simpler to a spade but had an up r
May 01, 2020
Some mornings you have no interest in working - missing the morning routine right now- feeling the strains of the weeks work on your shoulders, when feeling unmotivated read and implement these rules and work through that flat spot. Success is there to be achieved by all. It's Our actions that are the catalyst. You need to develop plans and goals for everything you do. (Only top 3% of the world do this)You must plan every single day the night before.1. Set the table, clarity, write out goals.
April 24, 2020
The morning was clear and sunny and I had been woken by the usual 6am alarm, I followed my morning ritual and hit off to prep for the 8 o clock opening, I was mad early because no matter how I try I can't get used to the new opening time since the start of this covid 19 outbreaks, but that's irrelevant here. Now our town is as predictable and unpredictable as they come, usually most places have Monday or some day quite for business and that would be consistent, no not where I live any day can b
"To CROW OR NOT TO CROW" That is the Question not quite Shakespeare but the day's fabulous, just a few lines to announce a victory and vent some frustration. The thing is I own a garage and over the last 6 weeks I am engaged in an all out battle of will against none other that a pair of loved up crows that are trying to build nest. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with them or their love affair or the fact that they want to increase the population, My gripe is with the location that th