Day 2 as a premium member

Last Update: February 28, 2015

So here here we are, me and Dominique that is 00.24 is the time and we have just got to bed after both working a full day on a Saturday. 2 days in to our premium membership and have got our domain name sorted and paid for, our niche chosen which will be women's diets to help them lose weight and we are just waiting for DNS to update so we can make a start on building our website.

Things or going great and the video training is awesome and very detailed which makes life a lot easier for me as I don't have to explain too much to Dominique, as it turns out I have a bit of experience with word press as I use it in my daily business as a driving instructor so it should be pretty straight forward for me to use. So in all it has been a very productive day, 9 hours of driving lessons done then dinner then designing some Google display ads for the driving school business then a few hours spent working on the training videos.

Well time for bed got a long day ahead tomorrow, no rest for the wicked.

Good night all

Mark and Dominique

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Loes Premium
Welcome as a premium member, I know you will enjoy it:)
danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for keeping us posted!
Looking forward to following your progress.
Mark-Dom Premium
Cheers danbarth87.